This Russian Four-Barrel Underwater Dart Gun Belongs In A Bond Film

We were once impressed by a triple-barrel revolver. Now it turns out Russia had secretly developed this four-barrel underwater gun over 30 years ago.

No one knew of its existence until the early '90s, when a Russian company put it into production for the public, so it's not surprising that James Bond never had to stare down its quadruple threat. The most unique aspect of the B-VI-307 — besides having four smooth-bore barrels — is that it doesn't fire traditional bullets. It's actually designed to be used underwater, where regular ammunition doesn't have much accuracy or range. So instead it fires 4.5-inch steel darts that can accurately travel 15-20 metres.

It's Cold War spy technology at its finest, if only because Russia managed to keep it a secret for so long. [Small Arms Defense Journal via Ace of Spades HQ]

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