This Might Be The Craziest Computer Case We've Ever Seen

Whether it's so ugly it's beautiful or just plain beautiful is hard to pin down, but the GreatWhite SHK979C chassis looks like an alien torture probe. Luckily, it's just a fantastically designed, super-frosty enclosure for your gaming setup.

The GreatWhite tosses out a lot of what you'd expect from a case. Little things like, uh, sides. Your motherboard and other components are all suspended between two panes of "aircraft grade aluminium", with plenty of room for a watercooling setup to keep it all humming. Being exposed to the air also keeps everything from turning into a giant processing oven, as is often the problem with heavy duty computer rigs.

But what about dust? Isn't there a reason we put our computers in to cases in the first place? Matthew Kim from DarwinMachine explains it ain't no thang:

I's totally open except for some vital areas like the motherboard, which sits behind a cowling. No problems with dust, since it's so easy to clean. Just a few squirts of air every week or so it all that it needs. It also helps that all the components are vertically mounted, so there's actually not that much surface area for dust to collect.

It fits anything from a micro to extended ATX motherboard and has room for six SSDs, so this absolutely looks like a stellar choice if you're bored with grey boxes. Be warned, though: having a computer that looks like a 22nd century skyscraper has its price, with each case starting at $US600. That's sans watercooling too. [DarwinMachine]

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    So clean it once a week with air to get rid of dust. So they have made a high maintenance fire hazard.

      Ahahah yes :P
      Although since it's already open giving it a quick spray of air would be beyond quick and easy.

      I think that definitely is a pretty cool case. Personally though, considering I literally just picked up a new custom work rig, I'm just fine with a sleek black case. Hell I was getting excited about this big square black box because it's got a convenient hot swap drive system :P

    Take a look at murdermod v2 - THATS a case

      Was looking for a comment about that :)

      Yeah... like EVERY OTHER rectangular case with watercooling.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    The side covers on a PC is there for protecting the inner components, not just for keeping dust out. I just don't see how this case fulfills it's purpose.

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