This Jetbike Looks Like The Most Fun You Could Ever Have On Water

The Jetovator follows in the footsteps of those water-powered jetpacks that have been all the rage lately. But instead of strapping into a backpack-like contraption a la The Rocketeer, the Jetovator has you sitting on a wheel-less water-propelled motorcycle.

Like the jetpacks that have come before it, the Jetovator is tethered by a long hose that connects to the water jet outlet on a nearby personal watercraft. So while you're not free to roam wherever you want, the lack of a heavy engine on board lets the rider rocket up to 9m into the air or dive down as deep as 3m underwater.

The Jetovator kit will set you back almost $US9000, and while that includes the bike, 15m of hose and all the plumbing adaptors you'll need, it doesn't include the personal watercraft that's needed to power it. So it's not a cheap water toy by any means, but you'll never have this much fun on a paddlewheel boat. [Jetovator via Gizmag]

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