This Is How Photos Work In Windows 8

If you've used the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 you'll have had a sneak peek of the Photos app in the new operating system. But Microsoft has just announced what else is set to roll out come the official launch so, without further ado, here's how photos work in Windows 8.

First off the Metro UI can be used to provide a four-column view of images. What's nice about that is the fact that it can be used to combine local images, as well as those from Facebook, Flickr and SkyDrive. Neat.

Perhaps the nicest feature, though, is the option to automatically archive all your images to SkyDrive from all your devices. The idea is that all your devices will sync photos to the cloud without your intervention, so that you can access them anywhere, without having to mess around each time you need to find something. It will also work from non-Windows 8 devices, as long as you install the SkyDrive app on said device.

Elsewhere, there are some big improvements to the way photos are imported -- the process is much more slick than ever before in Windows -- and the ability to share images has been massively streamlined. All in, it's going to feel a lot more like the way your phone handles images, which is great. If you want to know more, Microsoft has a detailed run down of the improvements on its blog. [Microsoft]



    Unless there are MAJOR improvements not just tweaks in the final release, I think it will be used for archiving only. I've been using the Release Candidate since it was released and the photo App can't even zoom images, it is VERY basic. Most people will no doubt use other photo managing apps.

    I have to say it surprises me how important photos seem to be to most sheeple. One of the guys at work only bought a MacBook because of iPhoto. At work he complains about OSX as much as I do but organising his photos was so important to him that he puts up with it at home, too (although he still has a desktop PC for getting work done at home).

      Mum always said if the house was on fire, the photo album would be the first thing she'd collect. Why does it suprise you? If you've ever looked at a photo taken 20 years before you seen it again it can bring back a whole bunch of memories... I'm all about the future, but I don't want to forget or ignore my past either.

    I have to admit to being a big fan of Windows Live Photo Gallery, as it provides just the right level of abstraction and access to cool tools like the Image Composite Editor. While I appreciate the Metro aesthetic, I feel I'll be dropping into Desktop to use WLPG (or it's equivalent) when I want to organise, archive, edit and (importantly) delete my photos.

      Certainly a big improvement on the W8 stock manager and feels a bit more user friendly than Picaso

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