This Is How Artists Draw All That Amazing 3D Street Chalk Art

Ever seen how they draw those forced perspective drawings that look three-dimensional from a specific angle? This time lapse video of Chris Carlson drawing Mario jumping over a NES gamepad shows how it is done. Pretty awesome. [Yababoon via Stuff I Stole via The Daily What]


    How long did it take this guy to do a simple one like that? I've seen more detailed stuff that must have taken hours, and they do it for kicks too..! Not sure they all this method though. :)

      11 hours

    That's great, the cord was an especially nice touch.

    This doesn't really show "haw" they do it at all, just how he mechanically goes and draws it.
    What I'd like to see is how they determine which angles to use to make these work from the specific perspective vantage point. That would be far more interesting than just this simple drawing stage, that's basically no different from doing a perspective drawing on a piece of paper.

      agreed, I was thinking along the lines of a camera from Chris's perspective, and how he determines what angles etc to work on.

    This made me realise how the shading used to mimic correct lighting pretty much makes the whole thing work

    Ephemeral art. These guys are the most amazing humans. Hours spent on incredible art that disappears soon afterwards. I would be angry/disappointed/pissed off etc if hours/days of real effort lasted for such a short time.

    It IS no different to doing a perspective drawing, but it takes an artist to turn it into a realistic piece of art.... Hence the Name: Artist, not Drafts person

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