Nexus 7: This Is Google's New Nexus Tablet

Wondering what Google's flagship I/O Conference announcement this week should look like? Wonder no longer. It's a 7-inch Tegra 3 tablet running Android Jelly Bean, and it's set to hit Australia in July.

Update: Turns out that this leak was spot on. The Google Nexus 7 built by Asus is a reality, with all the specifications listed here revealed days before this morning's I/O keynote by Gizmodo Australia. Check out the Nexus 7 and read how it all unfolded in our live blog.

Gizmodo Australia has today viewed a training document detailing exactly what's going to be in the new tablet and how much it's going to cost.

As rumoured, Google's going to announce a 7-inch, Nexus-branded tablet called the Nexus 7. According to the leak, it's built by Asus, with a 1.3Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, GeForce 12-core GPU and 1GB of RAM with two different storage variants: 8GB and 16GB.

The Nexus tablet will also feature NFC and run Google Wallet (probably only in the US) and Android Beam.

The screen is an IPS display with a 178-degree viewing angle, running a resolution of 1280x800. The device will also sport a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera. The battery will also give you nine hours worth of operation.

The 8GB model will set you back $US199 and the 16GB will cost $US249. No word in the document on local prices.

The leaked document also says that the device will be the first to run Jelly Bean, the new version of Android. Details are scarce on Jelly Bean, but the slides tell us that Google will handle operating system updates from now on, which could address the fragmentation problem. We aren't sure if this statement means that Google will handle all handset updates from Jelly Bean onwards, or if it just means it will handle it for the Nexus 7 going forward. Based on the various arrangements with other manufacturers and telcos around the world, it's likely to be the latter. We'll know more come Google I/O.

Update: The document says that the Nexus 7 will run Android Jelly Bean, but makes no mention of the version number. We understand that the device will be version stamped with Android 4.1, rather than leaping ahead a generation and stamping it as 5.0. Wired had suggested after spotting a leaked benchmark that this would be the case.

Rumours about Google working on a Nexus-branded tablet with Asus have been swirling for a while. Even as far back as May, a report emerged of a super cheap Tegra 3-powered device was coming at the Google I/O developer event, which is now only days away.

The first clue was when Asus demonstrated the awesome cheap and wonderfully cheerful Eee Pad MeMO 370T at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, before delaying the unit indefinitely.

Since then, rumours about a home-grown tablet from Google have been few and far between, but this is the first time we've seen anything official regarding specs.

Apple has already played its announcement cards around iOS 6, Microsoft has announced Surface and Windows Phone 8, and Google risks being left behind without its own bespoke tablet product. June is one hell of a month to be following what's new in tech.

Priced at sub-$US200, the Google's Nexus 7 will become Amazon's biggest problem post-launch, threatening the market share of the hugely successful Kindle Fire. The Fire runs a highly modified version of the Android operating system and prevents users from wandering outside the customised Amazon environment. The Nexus brand, however, has always been associated with the purest form of the Android operating system Google has to offer, meaning that it's likely going to be a better experience. Google is also banking on the fact that the screen is better than the Fire's, with a higher resolution and 10-point touch capability.

Of course, this could all prove to be an elaborate fake. We've seen them before and we'll see them as long as there's a rabid tech-loving public that will queue up around the block for value this good.

We'll bring you the news as we hear it about this tablet, and if it really is the Nexus 7, I'm looking forward to this year's Google I/O. Follow Gizmodo Australia on Twitter for further updates.



    If these specs are true, this is on my must buy list. This is the first time I've seen the resolution specified, and I think that 1280x800 is great. I hope it's true.

    6 and 8? We have 4 inch smartphones, 5 inch Note, the 7 inchers like the Kindle fire and B&N's Nook and of the course the 9 inch iPad and every other android tablet which are 10 inches. Why are 6 and 8 being neglected? i feel for them :(

    Yikes, no Bluetooth? Doing VoIP with built-in mic sucks (echo).

    I really want this to be real. I really do. But something about that picture keeps telling me that it's fake.

    There is a screen shot on XDA developer forum of a preorder for the Galaxy Nexus phone on I think Tmo or something. Shows the OS as 4.1 JellyBean on it so JB will be 4.1

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    What to do with my G tab 7.7...
    7.7 Still has a better screen & microSD. Waiting for Samsung to get their shit together and update it to 4.0.

    I was excited for this tablet back when it was the MeMo 370T, I was even excited to hear that Google was going to re-brand it and introduce it as the Nexus tablet. However now I feel pretty disappointed, a 7" tablet with front and rear facing cameras, GPS, and a quad-core processor were exactly what I was looking for in a tablet. I've had various 10" tablets and they are nice but for me at least they are a little too awkward to use all day every day, the smaller form factor is perfect for taking meeting notes, reading, and some light gaming. I hope Google has a higher end model in works with added functionality.

    This is exactly what I've been waiting for. I've been following the rumors for some time and anxiously awaiting it's release. If it is half as good as I think it will be my wife will surely be dropping her NOOK and picking up my Nexus 7. That is when it isn't in my hands.

    I don't see why it wouldn't have a micro sd slot.. But then again why would there be an 8gb and a 16 gb option?

    If there is not slot, I might have to go the way of the Galaxy Tab 2

    Actually, from living 70% of my life in the last century, I still have a problem with people talking seriously about hand-held tiny devices and "weight and size problems" with anything over 7" !!!
    I owned the first portable (movable) computer in Australia in the 80's. It was an Osborne and it just fitted under an (old) airline seat. I also had the first GIGANTIC Hard dsk fitted to it - 10 MEGABYTES - not GIGA!
    I clearly understand Apple buyers - they are the fashionistas of low tech. They have to be fashionably "in", in size color, high price and rapid model change.
    What on earth makes a tiny - let's face it - almost unusable device find favour against a REAL 10" computer with all the resources AND tiny cost today, even in the race if talking business sense?
    I do mean business in the making money/keeping your job sense.

      I also lived over 70% of my life in the last century, and I don't see why having terrible equipment 30 years ago means people shouldn't ask for improvements now. Aren't you still a bit young for the "git off ma lawn" attitude?

      I owned a Psion 5mx, from the end of that century, and I loved it. Let's face it, you opinion that something is unusable is purely your own. I can always understand the wish for small and light. I'd love these tablets to match the weight of my e-book reader.

    I forgot to add - not the " important" use of Twitting (apt!) and Facebooking which does require access while on the toilet ( for unknown reasons) but in REAL business. :-}

      Sorry, failed to notice this. Yes, such a tablet won't help you with any construction work, plumbing, or such REAL business. For the vast majority of users, who want to browse the web, read e-books, watch media, read e-mails and play games, it would be really nice.

    Apple has made *most* of its software announcements for the year. Apple will actually play its hardware card the last... while possibly being first to release widely, worldwide in large volumes in Sept./Oct with the latest iPhone ahead of the limited US (?) release of Surface and widely distributed Nexus 7s moving through Best Buy, WalMart, and Target. Apple will accomplish that by announcing and releasing at the same time.

    I need a nice tablet to install Windows 8 on.

      0Aw man, and I thought when it was anncunoed to be released in a few weeks, last month, that it'd be actually hitting phones then. Wow, who would've thought they'd bail on that and release it a month later.Guess I'll be waiting for my N1 to be updated then.

    Any word in the training manual about ePub? If the Nexus 7 is pitched at the Kindle Fire, then Google surely must use an open source ePub, rather than Mobi/KF8.

      Most books from the Google Play store are ePub (some are PDF) and many have Adobe DRM. Many apps can read them, including Google's own Play Books. I haven't heard of open source availability of that app; presumably it can't be fully open sourced because of the DRM component.

      This will be an open Android device with full Google Market/Play access so you're free to install other readers if you like, including Kindle and Nook if you live in a country with access to those markets. There appears to be at least one open source app for ePub, CoolReader.

    I've been waiting forever for a decent tablet to hit the market before taking the plunge into tablet land (no, the iPad is not a decent tablet). This does look very tempting based on these rumours, but no 3G would be a dealbreaker for me despite the rest of the device looking pretty slick. If they include 3G (or even better, 4G) then they just might have themselves a sale

    I have been playing with a crappy nextbook/e-fun tablet ($149.00 was all I was allowed by the boss to test a mobile ordering option for our accounting software). It has worked well (amazingly, I say this not because of android, android is great, but because of the hardware, which is crap). I would really consider this because post testing I have been able to play and ICS is easy. Has good stuff that the Ipad doesn't have. I will stick with Nexus badged stuff though because it seems to have a better upgrade path than something like this. Sub $200 for this type of quality is pretty damn good!

    This is sweet, Im still waiting for Samsung to bring out 4.0 on my Galaxy tab 10.1...

    google please make the display larger or more models with different screen sizes.

    If the price, specs and form-factor in the article are correct then I have my next tablet. SD card slot would be nice, but not vital for my use, and mobile internet will by provide by my phone, so no problems there.

    this a great spec, but how abaout the endurance..battery.?

    Aussie prices are up on the Play store. $250 for 8gb $300 for 16gb. Given that our dollar is still close to parity with the US and that we still have to fork out for shipping, I wonder if Google will tell us why they've elected to charge their Australian consumers with the 'Australia Tax'.

    lets all just think about this for a second. 7" 8 " 10 inch tablets have all been done before. Give the peoples something different. ITS ABOUT TIME WE GET A (14" INCH) TABLET so i can really make use of a it.

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