This Genius 'Rinser' Toothbrush Fixes The Worst Part Of Brushing Your Teeth

Every morning, you either use an environmentally unfriendly disposable cup, a disgusting, gunked-up-with-toothpaste cup to rinse out, or your strain your neck to bend over and drink out of the tap. Stop that. Check out this awesome, life-changing toothbrush that acts as a water spout for post-brush rinsing.

The Rinser Toothbrush is made by Scott Amron, the same dude who made the keychain key and carabiner key. It's a similar concept to this fountain brush from 2007, but that that one was never really available, apparently, and the prototypes were $US1750. So, no thanks.

It's $US22 and up for pre-sale, with a November ship date. [Amron Experimental]


    Cup your hands. collect water. Drink.

    That little hole is going to have mould growing inside of it within a week.

      It's not hard is it. Cupping your hands to drink water or wash out your mouth is a technique that has worked since the very first homo-sapien caveman (with a bad taste in his mouth) approached a pond approx 100,001 years ago. Who am I to break such an ancient tradition that still works perfectly?

      yep. I cup my hands. Works for me and is free.

        Except we homo-sapiens prefer to walk up to a sink than a river bed, and trying to find a river bed that isn't polluted and doesn't smell is well, something our predecessors never had to worry about.

    Brush teeth before having a shower in the morning = problem solved

    Just brush teeth in shower - problem solved and you've got something to do while the conditioner is soaking in :)

      I do like the fact that someone came up the with toothbrush idea but its not needed.
      I always shave in the shower, the hotwater is great for preping the skin, and I don't need shaving cream.
      I have recently started brushing my teeth in the shower too (as opposed the the sink and a cup) and its great with no need for a special brush.

        Lots of people would just say you're wasting a massive amount of water doing that. Kinda like leaving the tap running for no reason when you brush your teeth.

        (I wasn't sposed to reply to the below comment....)

    No no no! Don't rinse after you brush, it makes the whole activity less effective! I use a toothpaste that kills the bacteria that causes decay, why would I want to rinse all that away straight after brushing??

      Serious? Then you're leaving the shit you brush off your teeth in your mouth.... Plus if you digest toothpaste, you get digestive issues.

      I heard that you shouldn't rinse, but just reading some of the unpronouncable words in the ingredients list makes me apprehensive.

      Hi SC,
      Interesting thought but I'm pretty sure my dentist tells me to rinse correctly?
      Isn't it a case that the tooth paste coats your teeth with the chemicals that do the work you talk about and the rinsing only gets rid of the excess.
      I guess you could just rinse with something like Listerine Mouthwash to be on the safe side.

      Lots of people would just say you're wasting a massive amount of water doing that. Kinda like leaving the tap running for no reason when you brush your teeth.

        hit the wrong button to reply....

        If you take the basic premise that toothpaste is good for your teeth, then it seems pretty obvious that not rinsing is better than rinsing it all out. We're not just talking about coating your teeth but whole mouth health. This is water rinsing, I imagine mouthwash rinsing is beneficial.

    Uggh, applaud the genius behind the idea. Absolutely brilliant.

    Yes, I'll pay ten times what I normally do for a toothbrush with a little hole in it. Not.

    but does it vibrate ?

    I just pick up a clean plastic cup on my way through the kitchen to the bathroom, then rinse it off and drop it into the kitchen sink when I'm done.

    Looks like a gimmick-gadget. No thanks.

    I didn't even figure out why water was spurting out of the hole until i saw the person rinsing with it, just goes to show what a BIG problem it is.

    I do think the head replacement implementation is a good one, simpler and less materials than the others I've seen.

    solution to a problem that (for most) doesnt exist

    I don't rinse. Pretty sure I read somewhere that you're better not to.

    I guess there's probably arguments for both sides.

    You're only supposed to spit out excess toothpaste, leaving it in there allows fluoride to penetrate the crystals of the tooth to reduce their solubility to acid. By encouraging rinsing you remove the layer of fluoride covering the tooth and reduce the effectiveness of toothpaste in reducing acid wear.


    I'm a Dentist! And no you should not rinse your mouth! To dispel a few myths, you ate not leaving the stuff you're cleaning off your teeth in your mouth because your mouth is already teeming with bacteria! A toothbrush dislodges the plaque and the toothpaste has a chemical effect on your teeth by way of the fluoride! If you feel you have to rinse then do it and rub some toothpaste on your teeth after!!!

    Hands, hands, use your hands, even a fucking Monkey can work that out.

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