This Dual-Action Dress Flips From Wookie To Ewok In Under 12 Parsecs

Can't decide which furry character from Star Wars lore you want to go as for Comic-Con this year? Fear not ladies (and creepy cross-dressing cosplay dudes), here's your answer.

The Wookie-Ewok dress from Etsy artist Crissy Baker is a handmade piece, cut and sewn to order, that includes both a faux-leather bandolier for taller wearers, as well as an ultra-suede hoodie with fuzzy ears for those of Ewok stature (though I suppose you could always go as a Chibi Chewie or a ludicrously tall Wicket W. Warrick if you so choose). The outfit also includes fuzzy shoe covers to complete the ensemble. It retails for $US150 on Etsy and requires three weeks lead time — giving imbibing editors plenty of time to cancel an order. [Etsy via Walyou]


    A Parsec is a measurement of distance, not time.

      Really Shanus-o! Lucky you mentioned that. I can't imagine Andrew was possibly being tongue-in-cheek, referring to the fact that almost everyone is aware that Han Solo famously described a Parsec as a time unit, and for the past several decades we have all been pointing that out.

      What a quick wit you have.

        Han Solo didn't "famously describe a Parsec as a time unit". In the fiction, the Kessel Run involves avoiding black-holes or something and by being amazing, you can do the run in a shorter distance.

        Also, that sarcasm looks serious. You might want to get that checked out.

          A retcon is very different from an original intention.

          I'm taking sarcasm supplements, actually :p

      The dress is also not made from real Wookie. What a messed-up article, hey?

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