This Car Mirror Works Like A Flat Disco Ball To Completely Eliminate Blind Spots

It's kind of surprising that an innovation like a no-blindspot side mirror wasn't created by the R&D team at a major automotive manufacturer, but instead by a mathematics professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia. That doesn't make it any less awesome, however.

Using a specially-developed mathematical algorithm, Dr. R. Andrew Hicks, a professor at Drexel's College of Arts and Sciences, created the improved side view mirror with a 45 degree field of view, compared to just 15 or 17 degrees on a traditional side mirror. Not only does it completely eliminated a vehicle's blind spot, but it does so without grossly distorting everything, or making objects appear tiny and distant, like a wide angle mirror would.

The secret to the new mirror's magic is its carefully engineered surface. It might look smooth, but it's actually made up of tens of thousands of tiny facets that are invisible to the human eye, but help properly bounce the light towards the driver so they see a wide, undistorted view of what's next to their vehicle. Unfortunately government regulations still require new vehicles to only come with flat side mirrors, but since the new mirror's design has been successfully patented, when it finally goes into production it should be available as an aftermarket add-on that will actually improve the safety of your vehicle.

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    Very well done Dr. Hicks.

    Hopefully these will become the standard sooner rather than later.

    "not tiny and distant".... did the author even *look* at those two pictures? I had to search to find the silver car that was *right there* in the regular mirror.

      Nothing will ever be good enough for you will it?

        Well i was gonna say the same. If u were viewing at normal distance in ur car that is tiny

      Sure but that car IS a long way from the mirror and not what you would need to be focusing on if you were reversing the car.

    Yeah it's useless it shows stuff you don't need to see when driving. You want to see the cars next and behind you not a plane in the sky or a car 100metres back.

      In other words it gives a wider view

      Give the guy a break. Its a prototype (a proof of concept) and shows that its possible to eliminate blind spots from review mirrors. A tweaking of the maths will no doubt give the ideal size of object in the mirror to viewing angle.

      Since when is being able to see into your blind-spot "useless". What the photo clearly shows is that you will be able to see cars in the next lane that are just slightly behind you. I think it is brilliant.

    Great idea!
    Don't know what these 2 crazy cat's are thinking ^

    I thought the same as the others at first, but I think the photographers depth of field was some how making the silver car in the lower mirror closer. It probably is a better mirror but this is a bad example.

    I hate car mirrors that make things look like they are further away than they really are. I just about hit someone as I thought a car was a lot further behind me than he was. He was not in my blind spot either. I ended up sticking a standard mirror over the new stupid mirrors as it does not work for me. I like standard mirrors, at least I know where everything is and I just check my blind spot, it isn't that hard.

    Ideally you would want something inbetween the 2, something that shows things at a more realistic distance, and not showing as much. Seeing the black car great but no need to see the red one

    Blind spot mirrors need to work like bifocal glasses; except where both are visible at the same time.
    When I was a van courier I wanted a flat mirror that has wide field view on it's outer and inner edge. So you can see 1:1 in the larger middle section of the mirror, but the inner edge can see a wide image of the side of your own vehicle down to the wheels and up to the roof, and the outer edge can see those dumbasses who like driving in your blindspot.

    If you drive a van, you can't check your blind spot

    I drive a VW Caddy van every day and they have a huge blind spot, actually lost a ute and trailer in it one day, with this I would have seen it for sure but it would have looked like it was 50 meters behind me so still would have been no good. I like the concept but agree it needs to give a realistic idea of distance, otherwise it would be more dangerous than not having it. I am sure they will come to a happy medium before release.

    tech like this been around for aaaaaages but no one took it on board (as far as I know)

    The car mirror in the photo is not positioned correctly (assuming the pic is taken from the driver's seat). There is no value in being able to see any part of your own vehicle in the mirror. It should be adjusted so that you can see vehicles in the adjoining lane.
    The prototype is simply too wide a field of view. Assuming that a car park space is slightly narrower than a traffic lane, it shows maybe 4 lanes field of view? That is ridiculous! Why would I ever need to see across 4 lanes in my mirror?
    When I was learning to drive I was taught to check my mirrors twice, and then look over my shoulder to be sure. As a motorcyclist, I wish more car drivers would learn that last bit!

    Clearly he isn't thinking with Portals.

      Dave, the car mirror is correctly postioned. You need to have the handle of the back door just in fram of the bottom corners for you to have a "good" view of what is directly behind and to the side of your car. Proper control of your blind spots includes turning your head to look to the sides. If your mirrors are flared to the sides then for you to view the rear of your car, you would have to turn your head even further and risk turning the car in that direction.

        Well something went wrong, clearly that was a reply to Dave.

        I use the internal mirror to see what is behind me. I use the side mirrors to see what is beside me.

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