This Coffee Cart Turns Into A Car

This Coffee Cart Turns Into A Car

Where does Optimus Prime go when he wants his morning java? He goes to Peter, the Australian guy who turned a car into a coffee cart.

It used to be a 1972 Mini. Now it’s been tricked out with a massive flatbed frame, a removable seat (really) and a full cafe-style coffee machine.

The coffee car has the front end from the Mini (up to the dashboard) mounted on the front, with the fully working engine, steering wheel, gearbox and pedals all intact. From there, it’s got the black metal frame that’s been welded on to hold it all together. Inside that frame is a floor that measures approximately 2m by 4m for all the coffee equipment, with the original Mini’s wheels mounted on the rear.

The car still runs too. Peter told me that when he wants to move it around, he props it back onto the wheels, re-attaches the driver’s seat and parks it on the back of a car trailer, ready to be transported to its next destination.

Autobots, roll out!