This Cat Played It Cool In Melbourne Earthquake

Clearly, this cat is all out of f**ks to give. While you were all out there in a tizzy about the earthquake in Victoria last night, this cat was playing it cool.

The cameras were rolling as melbournecat quietly strummed his guitar as the strongest earthquake in over a century shook Victoria last night, knocking things off of shelves all over the state.

Two shocks in and our feline protagonist starts to notice something's up, and the video takes a creepy turn when the car alarms start going off. [YouTube]


    You can tell the cat is just thinking "What are those stupid humans doing now"

    He'll be trying to recreate that solo now he knows it's awesome power

    I never realised that earthquakes were so noisy, never having experienced one myself.

    The cameraman obviously doesn't give a f**k either. Funny that lol

    Not even an earthquake can shake this cool cat.

    so much for my theory that pets can serve as an early warning system for natural disasters. this one's more like Nero in the sacking of Rome.

    Wasnt that 'Earthquakes' (plural)? Didnt realise anyone got it that heavy or for that long. We sure that videos legit?

    I think the camera man was a bit slow off the mark and only realised at the end of the vid that something was up and finally turned off the cam.
    Then again, I don't know if that's all the footage or not.

    The sound of the earthquake cuts off so quickly at some points, I'm going to call it a fake.

    Look harder on youtube. This video is a fake

    all my mates cat did was piss on the couch!

    Here's the original video from which the fake was taken:

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