This Beautiful Device Turns Your Phone Into An Ultra-Thin Laptop

This is the Clambook, a super-sleek, airier-than-Air device with a 16:9 widescreen, a keyboard and a battery. It will turn your iPhone or Android phone into a beautiful, ultra-thin laptop. Obviously, not as powerful as a real laptop, but as useful as many.

There are not many technical details about the Clambook yet, though. They claim it will be available for the Christmas holidays, but there's no price and no specs.

There is no description on how it works either. For Android, I can see this happening system-wide, but for iPhone it will only really work with some applications, as the system itself can't be in landscape mode.

In any case, it's a beautiful concept that I hope turns into a real product. I like the idea of carrying this around for some trips, rather than a MacBook Air. [The Verge]

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