This Aeroplane's Landing Was So Violent That It Bent Its Fuselage

Watch this landing of a Boeing 767 from All Nippon Airways. It's pretty rough, with the nose gear violently bouncing off the runway. Still, nothing too spectacular... until you see the consequences. Keep watching untik the end, pass the 0:33 mark.

The impact was so hard that the fuselage was bent before the wings. You can clearly see the aluminium skin crumpled by that twist in these two videos.

I've never seen this happen. Unlike its successor, the fully composite-made 787 Dreamliner, the Boeing 767 uses aluminium alloys. It also uses Kevlar fairings and access panels, plus carbon fibre reinforced plastic composites on the wings.

The 767 is a very popular wide-body twin-engine aeroplane, still in production since 1979 in different variants. In fact, it became the most popular transatlantic plane in the '90s. [Thanks Jorge Mozo!]


    "Keep watching untik the end, pass the 0:33 mark."

    Not enough coffee this morning?

    Insurance will cover it. . . after the $500 excess.

      You may want to get a quote first, just in case it's less than that $500 excess

        This made me chuckle. :D

        Actually it depends on the experience of the pilot and how long since the companies last claim. They might be on maximum no-claim bonus but the pilot might have been on his "P" plates. I assume the pilot was over 21 at the time as this would otherwise also be a factor.

        Just fix it with dry ice!

    The 767 was launched in 1982 with the 757... not in 1979 as the article says.

    No guesses as to who not getting a pay rise now.

      Oh I don't know, the job he starts tomorrow might pay more than this one.... ;)

    And there you go one of the major problems with a Carbon Fibre body.

    With an aluminum body, pop out a few rivets and rivet in new sections. How the hell do you do this with a Carbon fibre tube.

    I would say you would have to pretty much right off that plane for spare parts

      That said carbon fiber is much stronger than aluminium, i wouldn't be suppressed if those dents and bends turned into entire tears

    Carbon fibre obviously would have taken the excess force better, but what's really amazing is the front landing gear, how strong is that.

      Not necessarily. A carbon fibre fuselage would probably be built to the same structural rigidity and with the same safety factor as an aluminium fuselage. The benefit is in the weight savings from the material.

      Also, the landing gear is one of the toughest pieces of gear on a plane:

    Write off......

    I'm not so sure a cut and shut with some bog thrown in will fix this one (to original engineering integrity)

    Your Insurance company would write off a new car with this damage, more so a new plane (and especially an old one)

    If the plane were carbon fibre it wouldn't bend, it would SNAP if it sustained this sort of strain (have a look at an F1 car after hitting a wall). CFRP isn't very flexible, it is strong (up to 600 MPa), and has an ok 'E' modulus (70 GPa (less than half steel)), if it has significant strain it fails (brittle).... kevlar (aramid) in the composite gives a bit more strain resistance.)

    Car bog and paint job will fix it. She'll be ready to fly again.

      Its just a scratch. No need to get it repaired unless you're trying to sell it.

    Time for an insurance job! Take it out on an empty runway and set fire to it.

    Make sure you call the cops and report it stolen first.

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