These Swiss Wrist Watches Are Contemporary, Classic, And Utterly Crave-able

Orolog is a newly established Swiss-made watch company, a collaborative effort between Jaime Hayon and Ian Lowe.

Crafted using exquisitely-colored Hermes leather, Ronda quartz movements, matte stainless steel and PVD case finishes, matching/contrasting matte black pvd buckles, crowns and pushers -- these elegant time pieces strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

This first collection comprises three simple function and three chronographs, in editions of 1000.

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    Quartz movements? Matte stainless steel? PVD cases?
    Contemporary - yes. Classic - no.

    If want reliable and accurate get a Seiko quartz watch.
    If you want Swiss and classic, spend some real money and get a machanical movement watch from a Swiss company with a name you recognise and you'll have a good chance of that company still being around after the warranty has expired.

    How do you purchase a the orolog watch online its everywhere but no site allows you to purchase it HELP!!!!!

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