These Super-Efficient Reflectors Could Light An Entire Room With Just A Single LED

The same company that made it impossible to forget things thanks to a small sticky note, could one day revolutionise interior lighting with a highly-engineered reflector that's capable of spreading the light from a single LED bulb over an incredibly large area.

3M actually worked with designer Todd Bracher to develop what it's calling its "Virtual LED" technology which can illuminate a series of lighting fixtures with just a single LED bulb. The reflectors are not only covered with a special 3M film that reflects over 98 per cent of light, they're also engineered to redirect and bounce that light from one reflector to the next. So it looks like a series of them are glowing, when really only one is hiding the actual light source.

Of course, a single LED can only produce so much light, so it's not like the system could be used to illuminate a room bright enough to perform delicate surgery in. But even using just a handful of LEDs and a wall covered in these reflectors would result in a surprising amount of light with minimal energy consumption. [3M via designboom]



    I like how the tittle says light an entire room with one led the halfway through the article says you pretty much can't you need several.

    I only need 1led light, u just need tonnes of those reflectors in order for it to work.

    Looks like it's very impracticable if you actually needed the entire walls for anything other then light.
    Also doesnt look like the light fills much space that room still looks dark even with all that light shining.

    Lighting up a room? Pffft. Adapt this stuff for solar power-tower reflector arrays; car headlights; safety vests; satellite sunshades...

      These turned out amzniag natural light reflectors are good! I LOVE
      the first one! Let me know when Tyge and I can help with the
      May/June shoot!

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