Thermaltake's Fan Mouse Is For The World's Sweatiest PC Gamers

Thermaltake's new Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse isn't the first PC gaming accessory to cool a player's hand during intense FPS battles. But it certainly boasts the laziest fan design.

Previous efforts of gaming climate control have managed to integrate the cooling elements into the mouse itself, providing sweat relief through a series of vents on its outer shell. But the Black Element Cyclone just features a mini USB port on the front where you can attach an included miniature fan that's directed at your hand. So in practice it seems like it's only going to cool the top of your hand, not the palm where the sweating is usually at its worst.

But even if it's not effective at dealing with sweat, the Cyclone mouse certainly looks like the perfect accessory for blasting away Cheetos cheese dust.

[Thermaltake/Ttesports via Kotaku]

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    Hahahaha I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

    I soo need one for my ps3 controller.

    I've got a thermal take keyboard that has this. Fan stays in its slot in the back of the keyboard, and will damned well stay there!

    Though I do like how they still have the ugly branding/info end of the fan pointing you in the face.

    Maybe if it heated as well. I'm on the opposite end, my poor mouse hand is always like a block of ice!

    The guys that need this product are same guys that sweat while they eat. lol

    Of course Thermaltake are the best at making fans! That's because they make the worst PC watercooling products!

    Well, I will take the fan on-board but I also want a cup holder and a little vacuum cleaner to mop up my biscuit crumbs.

    i'll get one of these for my neckbeard friend. which is me, because i have no friends.

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