The Strangest, Most Expensive Wine Bottle In The World Is Australian

It may look like a nuclear warhead or part of an exotic anti-matter weapon, but it's actually a bottle of wine -- a glass and metal cone containing 750mL of the most expensive wine in the world sold directly from a winery.

Made by Australian vineyard Penfolds, its name is 2004 Block 42, and each bottle costs a brain spinning $US168,000.

Why is it so expensive? First: there are only 12 bottles of this liquid. Then, it is made from the grapes of a single Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, which Penfolds claims has the oldest continuously producing vines in the world. And finally: because they know there are 12 suckers that will buy it. [Penfolds via Wired]


    No wine expert would buy that, it would just fall strait off their wine racks...

      you got it wrong mate, only suckers would buy it
      unless a stupid wine expert falls between the cracks

    Red Matter anyone?


    work sent us on a Penfold's Magil Estates wine tour recently. co-incidentally, it happened on the same day as their Autumn release, and as such they had decked the cellar out for press and couldn't show us it. as a consolation, they gave us a premium wine tasting - including $600 bottles of hermitage grange! score!!! great day out.

    If there are only 12 bottles of the stuff, methinks this will be a case similar to a certain Emperor who walked threadbare in front of his subjects.

    I bet it would make excellent sangria hahahhahaha

    I'm assuming the bottle allows you to inject the wine directly into your liver. Sound ridiculous? So does spending $168K on anything that isn't a flat.

    I could buy all 12!!! I just dont wanna!!!

    Ok maybe not....

    I dont care about the wine I just want the bottle looks awesome well woth the $168 :P

      your missing some zeros there.
      Kind of agree though, not much for wine myself but that container just looks really nice.

    "Red wine, standing by..."

    It's actually a new military development that homes in on enemy troops, injecting it straight into the liver (ala Kendal's suggestion) and causing the entire opposing side to fall drunk.

    I'm definatley a lover of some good vino! but, I'm pretty sure you could feed an entire third world country with that dosh. I sure hope the buyers enjoy the hell out of that 750mLs.

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