The Nexus Q Will Probably Murder You

After some careful deconstruction around the design of the Nexus Q streaming media device outed by Google today, we here at Gizmodo have decided that it's unsafe to own one given its origins.

I, for one, bow to our new Nexus Q overlord.


    Poor thing must be so confused. It wasn't to kill everybody that escapes the matrix, but also knows it won't be any good at it, and nobody will appreciate it when it does.

    Of course you'd dis an non Apple product in such a puerile manner. A Google device will murder us so we'd better get Apple TV instead.

      So much to work with in just 2 sentences! Hmmm, I am going with comment grammar nazi today.

      "an non Apple product"

      Please don't bother replying until you learn to write on sentences.
      (poor syntax intentional in keeping with comment grammar nazi norms)

        Such devastating wit as well I see.

    Don't forget the Ood (Doctor Who)

      The Ood scare the living hell out of me, Nathan. Now that you say it, this does look like it should be in the hand of a slimy alien who just wants to get you a drink.

        That episode where the guy got turned into an Ood was just ugh.

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