Apple's New MacBook Pro Is One Amazing-Looking Laptop

This thing is a space monster. Apple just dropped a new line of MacBook Pro laptops with the highest-resolution screen in laptop history. This is Apple's crown jewel of computing.

The new MacBook Pro has 2800x1800 resolution on a 15.4-inch screen — that's well over five million pixels and dwarfs even HDTVs. That also means the computer qualifies as a retina display, with a pixel density of 220ppi — seamless when you're staring at it from a normal computer distance. By comparison, the previous 15-inch MacBook Pro drives a mere 1440×900 screen.

This is an engineering marvel. The new MacBook Pro is thinner than a finger, weighs 2.06kg (or 2.56kg for the 15-incher), and sports Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors, bringing 2.7GHz of quad-core processing power (Turbo Boost-able up to 3.7GHz). It will also be a gaming powerhouse (by laptop standards), packed with Nvidia's Kepler GeForce GT 650M.

Want more? You can get a staggering 768GB SSD drive. That's mammoth. More? Two Thunderbolt ports, HDMI, an SD card, USB 3.0 and MagSafe 2. There's no ethernet port or optical drive, but it's time to shed some old tech — and that's a big part of what keeps this thing so svelte. DVDs are dead. This computer is essentially the pinnacle of Apple technology. Little flourishes like dual microphones and a custom-designed asymmetrical internal fan (for quiet cooling) abound.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display starts at $2499 in Australia with a 2.3GHz Ivy Bridge processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, and it's available to purchase right now. If you want to max it out — 2.7GHz processor, 16GB of RAM and the 768GB SSD — it'll hit you for $4299. That's a lot, but this is the computer we were all dreaming about.

Follow along with the rest of Apple's news today at our WWDC liveblog.

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    Good upgrades, however, my only concern is the no ethernet port? Unless there is a dock for the Thunderbolt port, from working with these in a school and needing Ethernet to do images from the server.

      They have an adaptor to let you use ethernet... But apparently it's pretty flimsy. Might be worth getting a third party one?

        From memory - it's not even Gbit. I think it's only 10/100.

          Its going to be Thunderbolt port based and the specs are already online. it support 1000-BaseT

    You can't upgrade the storage or the ram yourself anymore like you could with previous Macbook Pro's. All upgrades must be done at purchase. Gone the way of the Air.

    No Ethernet, no DVD. Sounds like a 15" Macbook Air to me. Call me when they release a real computer.

      Oh no! no ethernet and no DVD's! Oh wait, its not 2002, its 2012.

        Gigabit Ethernet is not 2002, and only having wireless is a major pain in the ass if you regularly move decent sized files between computers

          Gigabit ethernet via thunderbolt adapter I think?

        Look up a thing called SECURITY POLICIES - the [rare] secure areas that allow you to have a laptop INSIST on: NO Wireless, and NO Camera. Would Apple let someone with a camera walk through the iPhone development section? For environments like this, cabled ethernet is ESSENTIAL. You want fancy? Go fibre-optic gigabit ethernet.

          You yourself said that allowing a laptop onto the work network is a rare occurrence (based on whatever). If it is rare as you say, then it's hardly a use case they should bother catering for. The dongles there for that (supposedly) small segment of the market that needs it.

      Yeah man, stop living in the past. Haven't used a CD or DVD since 2009.

      Not a real computer? I bet that the specs are at least twice as better than your "real computer".

      Thunderbolt and USB3.0 easily handles ethernet even though most people use WiFi on a laptop most of the time. There is also the new Airport Express you can use to bridge ethernet to WiFi. And DVDs are dead. Everything is going download-only or USB Flash drive. The DVD drive goes pretty much unused and there are USB DVD drives that are much more convenient than lugging around the extra weight of an internal drive when most of the time you don't need it.

    17 inches are dead?

    I know that we have always been expected to pay more for Apple, but the pricing for what you get here is unbelievable.

      Try pricing a 760gb SSD card with 500MB read.

    Sounds freaking sweet to me! Thats a mighty fine piece of engineering and they are starting to get better bang for your buck, better - still not a great purchase but maybe one day apple products will be appropriately priced...

    ok im not going to lie, to me it looks exactly like the old one :S

    No optical drive...
    No ethernet...
    I sure hope the Bios knows how to boot from usb.

    Srsly, "shedding old tech" is great, but not when it hasn't been replaced with anything yet. No ehternet port means I can't use this at work. No optical drive means I can't watch a lot of my media on it and I can't use it for burning dvds, something which a lot of people still have to do quite a lot.

    I'll give them a thumbs up for using good intel chips and SSDs, but the pricing is way off. double the price for a ram and disk space upgrade? no thanks apple.

      Dude, laptops are supposed to be portable machines, they can't reamin portable and keep the bulky optical drive. If you want ethernet its a small usb or firewire connection, if you want an optical drive then its a usb drive... although by the sounds of your workflow you are probably better off with a desktop computer, I havnt used an optical drive for more than 3 years now.

        The optical drive really isn't a big issue. The only time that would be a real pain in the ass is if the bios was too useless to boot from a usb (which I doubt would be the case). But no ethernet is a big deal. One of Apples main point of difference is design and having to carry around a usb to ethernet drive is not a good design solution. It will eventually break or get lost and I couldn't imagine that all OS's would natively support a usb to ethernet as a network device, which would be a serious problem for a lot of people. I need to use a laptop for work, currently I use a mac and I love it. But I really don't see this being my next upgrade. Quite disappointed.

          But the thing is that wireless is a portable way to connect to a network and the Internet. Macbook pros and Mackbook airs are portable devices, so it is only logical to cut out non-portable specific ports and hardware. But for the rare occasion that you don't have access to wireless, need a faster connection or need an optical drive there is the adapter/addon to provide these. Having an optical drive is a joke with a portable machine, who the hell carrys DVD's, CD's or Blank CD/DVD's around? IF you need to burn something for work then keep a USB Superdrive at work or home... The more portable the laptop, the better. Otherwise you might as well stick to a desktop and a portable hard drive to carry your work around on.

          I see what you are saying with the bios, but that definitely wouldnt be the case. Also I'm still on leopard and the USB to ethernet on my Mackbook air works out of the box. If you are an OS below that I think its probably time to upgrade!

            Yeah, as I said, optical's not such a big deal. But it doesn't matter how portable your device is, a lot of people can't rely on wireless connections. Have you ever tried to manage an esx server via wireless? because that's a really fast way to throw away hours of work, on a regular basis. Is every part of your local network accessible over wireless? Because that is retardedly unsecure. There is a myriad of services that are highly impracticable to run over wireless for lots of legitimate reasons. A lot of companies would not be able to do business without ethernet.

              One word:Thunderbolt. You seem to be forgetting that Thunderbolt can theoretically support every format known to man. Sure it means a dongle, but for the few that require ethernet do you really think its a sales killer?

              As much as I love the new hardware I wouldn't buy this as a gaming machine though that's for sure. That resolution and pixel density will look superb throughout MacOS and for 2D apps, but somehow I don't think it's going to run many games at full detail in 2800x1800! :) Then again isn't there talk of external graphics support via thunderbolt as well? Given its like a native pcie slot I can't see why not..

              Dude, just dun get the new Macbook Pro if you dun appreciate it and stick to your desktop. End of story

          I imagine most people and most work places have and allow wireless access. While I can appreciate maybe yours doesn't, it's probably more of an exception that it is the norm and thus the dongle they've provided is there. I'd like to see ethernet on the unit too, it's a more reliable technology, but it's not the end of the world. It isn't that inelegant either.

            Considering that most internet, home and business alike if ported through a WIRED connection, getting rid of the connection seems illogical. What do you plan to do if you have only this laptop and the power goes out and when it comes back on, you find your router defaulted complete with wireless turned off. Good luck with that. It's a tiny connector, it should be in the laptop.

            You can also get pretty compact dvd drives. I envision the TA for this would be graphic designers (judging by the images). If I had a dollar for every time I've had a client/boss ask for a copy of some work I'm doing, I'd be a rich, rich man. (prob rich enough to buy cheap usb sticks and give them out).

              OSX has been able to boot from USB for donkeys years

              If your router is losing settings during a power blackout, then having a cable won't save you either.

              Its still bigger than the thickness of the laptop

    I don't know that it's exactly eye-popping, but it's damn fine tech.

    With that CPU and GPU in such a thin case, isn't this going to get incredibly hot? My current MBP (2011 15") overheats quite badly if I have it doing something that pushes the CPU or GPU hard enough and it's not sitting on a hard surface like a desk.

      Shouldn't be too bad. Particularly as its using new Ivy Bridge chipset. Very power efficient. Its built on a smaller nm and therefore should provide very good performance while remaining relatively cool, quiet, with excellent battery life.

    It's a little thinner, a little faster, and more expensive.......wasn't that what everyone was expecting? why so surprised?

    What's the point in having such a high resolution if most, well, nearly all games, especially those that run on mac, do not support it?

      The increase in screen resolution has nothing to do with games. It's to provide a beautiful pixel-free ultra sharp OS environment, and allow you to see more fine detail on everything you look at.

      Of course most games will not run at native resolution. I don't think anyone would buy a Mac for primarily gaming though. It's not designed to be a gaming machine. It's a high end workstation.

        "a beautiful pixel-free ultra sharp OS environment" you should consider selling that line to Apple, sounds like something out of their PR department already, I honestly can't see the point in such a high res display, I'd be happy to be proven wrong and while I do marvel at the technology that goes into making a display of this nature, I can't help but feel that it is being wasted by putting it in a laptop, the GPU has to be more powerful merely to physically push around all these extra pixels and still operate 'normally'.

        For all this talk of the modern day cutting of older tech, ie optical drives and ethernet, surely the increase of battery life is more paramount than a needlessly high display resolution??? Why not just stick to a standard HD res, (who would honestly complain?), still put in the more powerful GPU, still put in the more powerful yet more power efficient Ivy Bridge CPU, still cull the optical drive and ethernet BUT deliver a product with 12 or so hours of REAL life battery usage, that would be legitimately useful to the average consumer.

        I thought that the increased res would be a great improvement for photo editing and video work. Let's face it, a sharper image of a word document, desktop or general browsing is not worth the price for the upgrade.

    Would much rather have a 11" or 13" where it is actually useful for traveling.

      I may be wrong, but I thought I saw that this is lighter than a 13" MBP? Seems pretty portable to me even if it's not as portable as a MBA.

        Not a fucking chance.

        13" Macbook air is lighter. I don't know how much they each weigh, but simple physics would dictate that the 15" laptop MUST be heavier than a 13" laptop made from the same materials. Think about it.

          umm "13"MBP" not air.

          I said the Macbook Pro (MBP). As above, I also acknowledged that the 13" MBA would be lighter. I drew the comparison to the 13" MBP because I have one and find it to be quite portable.

          Having a look at the actual spec sheet, the new 15" is lighter than the MBP I was mentioning coming in at 2.02KG (new 15") vs 2.06Kg (13"). The air is considerably lighter still at 1.35.

    No Ethernet port? i am in the same boat as the first commenter, i work at a school with around 800 macbooks thats going to be a pain the ass to have an adapter for every time we have to reimage.

    i still think there is a market for the macbook air , and the macbook pro (in its original form). ones for ultra portability and the other is for people who want more then just portability. have alook at the HP Envy Spectre XT Ultrabook that is 1mm thicker (still very portable) and still keeps an Ethernet port, im sure apple designers could have designed the pro with an Ethernet port and still remained portable.

    looks like we have a nice and thin macbook but a bag full of adapters. and if they are anything like their display port adapters they will be very dodgy and need replacing every 2 -3 months.

    Say what you will BUT if the MBP is meant to be for power users I'm disappointed it lacks a Blu-Ray Drive. And probably should have ethernet port as well....

      Do 'Power Users' really need a Blu Ray drive? Some people in some very specific situations may, but for the most part I'd say people use a combination of usb drives, hard drives or cloud based solutions to get files off a system and backed up etc.

    The retina display 15" models don't have Ethernet or optical drives. The other 15" models do, so quit your whining

    HDMI but no displayport? Stepping back in time a little.

    no super drive and no ethernet, am i really that old already? hell, i just invested in a western digital passport drive with firewire connection! the future scares me.

    Hahaha my gaming rig (4.2 gHz) cost half the price and is faster than the $4k MBP, runs at 2560x1440 with Xfire 6970s on a 27" monitor.

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