The New MacBook Air Is The Greatest Ever

Today's lovely debutante is the 2012 MacBook Pro, of course, but the MacBook Air — which we suspect gave the MacBook Pro some serious body image problems over the years — is getting a promotion too. Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0, and speed, speed, speed.

All MacBook Air models will now pack Ivy Bridge processors up to 2.0GHz. But in addition to the superfast CPUs, the MacBook Air will start with 4GB of RAM (sort of the minimum these days) with the option to blast all the way up to a fancy 8GB. That much memory combined with Ivy Bridge guts and an SSD will make these things fly: Oh, and that SSD! Now it goes up to a huge 512GB of space, running at blazing SATA 3 speeds (6Gb/sec).

What are some of the other sweet perks this time around beyond USB 3.0 inclusion? A beefed-up 720p FaceTime camera, a price drop, and they'll ship today.

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    Compared with the changes to the Pro the updates to the Air seem quite lacklustre. The internals seem on par with the recently announced Asus Zenbooks save for the display, which is inferior to the 1920x1080 IPS panel on the majority of the Zenbooks. Slight price edge for Asus too, it would seem, though they won't be available for a while.

    Is there any word about the pricing and specs of the 11 inch model

    "retina display" is apple magic word for compromise to cheaper windows laptops

    Fanboi could say what they want about windows laptops, at least it wont burn our pockets at this economy

      I can't find retina display mentioned at all on the air.
      If you're talking about the pro, can you find me a 15" windows laptop with a 2880-by-1800 screen?

        He was probably mis-imnformed about retina displays as I was because of this article:

    What sort of SSDs? If they are not using Sandforce controllers, they aren't going to be that fast. The whole tone of the reports indicates that whoever wrote them has been drinking the Apple Kool-Aid. Throwing words like "technological marvel" around, as they have done in describing the new MB Pros, makes it hard to swallow too much of this hype. How about providing the facts and allowing us to decide what's a marvel and what isn't?

    Would have liked to see proper graphics card for gaming in there as standard..

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