The Most Expensive Next-Gen MacBook Pro Costs $4299

Curious about how much it costs to max out the new retina display MacBook Pro? For the time being, it's $4298.99 in Australia. That includes a 2.7GHz Ivy Bridge CPU ($260 upgrade from a 2.6GHz CPU), 16GB of RAM ($240 upgrade from 8GB) and a 768GB SSD ($600 upgrade from a 512GB SSD).

It's worth noting that this max price is actually lower than both max prices on the previous generation 15-inch MacBook Pro. Huh. [Apple]

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    Can anyone see if this new generation has the light-up battery indicator on the side?

    At this economy i dont know if apple is trolling

      Salary sacrifice through work! Besides its a nice kit. Can prob get a similar specced dell xps with full hd screen for half the price though.

      Where did you get $5k from? It's $4.3k.

        with bits and pieces here and there, i would say it's close to 5k
        even if you just buy the laptop as is without no attachment to 4.3k its still REALLY expensive

        inb4 "obviously you are not the target market for this laptop"

      LOL - that's the problem with your economy, you're paying $5k when retail is $4,300.

    What a stupid price.
    Then again probably $2K of the price is the stupidly large SSD.

    Umm, yeah, what price a 768gb SSD as a commodity?

    bieng on $160,000 P.A after tax... i STILL think this is EXPENSIVE...

    my little Asus with 16 gig of ram, 256 GB SSD and 500GB HDD is doing me well... oh, and it cost me $1500 all up...

      Your little Asus with 2 different hard drives?

    I want the display, but I'll await and see if Windoze 8 has much better scaling support and we get hi-res screens this year. I'd be happy with 2560x1600 on a 17" laptop, but 2880x1800 is even nicer.

    for that price and all those specs its still limited in power cause it has to draw power through the charger. save your money, build a $2000 pc and you'll have a computer that makes that macbook pro look like its has the performance of a first gen macbook air

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