The iPhone 2012 In White Looks Amazing Too

If the new iPhone 2012 looks beautiful in black -- in all its 80s Sony-ish glory -- the renderings of the white model are even and surprisingly prettier. The aluminium unibody with the white accents looks just gorgeous.

Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek sent us these images of the white model, which he rendered using allegedly leaked photos of parts as a reference.

The chrome accents and the speaker and microphone grill look simply pimptastic, even more retro than the black model.

I hate the current white iPhone, but the two-toned aluminium and white plastic back in the next generation iPhone 2012 works surprisingly well.


    It looks pretty much like all the other iphones i.e. the design's starting to look dated.

      This is the most amazing re-design ever!

      the innovation in these images is outstanding, i am lost for words.

      you need to appreciate the little things, like the "Apple White" they use, or the circle home button - A circle!! who thought of that? Apple practically invented the thing.

        Was the new phone design ever supposed to be uniquie and innovative?

    Are you sure that's not the old iphone as it certainly doesn't look like a new desgin?

    Looks amazing!

      You mean "amazingly like the current/old design" don't you?

        No just ah-mazing!

        A much better design than the 'inspired by nature' rubbish that Samsung launched recently.

        *start flame war here

    I seriously think that this is not the design for the new iPhone, It's either a hoax or Apple throwing fakes out there to keep people satisfied until the real iPhone5 is released.

    I can take or leave the new iPhone design, but I'd just like to say: These renders are AMAZING. Kudos to you, Martin Hajek. Kudos.

    As the phone has not been released and as usual all the pundits are speculating if this is or isn't. We can take this as another maybe this is what the iphone will look like and therefore another crap story. And whats with the line 80's Sony-ish glory? there was never a product from any manufacturer in the 80's like any model smart phone so what a stupit thing to write

    The '80's Sony-ish' remark refers to the aesthetics of the 'apparent' black Iphone 5 with it's two tone black colour, NOT the actually design of the smart phone. Obviously smartphones didn't exist in the 80's.

    2 tone yuk. Don't do it Apple. I'll still buy it but dammit I won't be happy

      Seriously? What a loser.

      I just switched from iPhone to SGS3, and I can tell you that apple has some catching up to do.

    cmon, how can the 6th gen iphone be called the iphone 5?

      The same way the 2nd gen was the iPhone 3?

        Wasn't it's called a 3G because in fact it had 3G connectivity? Shock horror!

          Yep. It was never called the iPhone 3, it was the 3G based on the fact it went from a 2G/Edge only device to integrating 3G on the next version

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    These photos aren't real - it says in the article fools.

    To be honest. Why so much negativity. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is just a larger SGII 4G. Unless there is some sort of amazing UI changes coming then phones will not change much. Bigger, thinner, stronger that's all we will see for a while.

      you havent looked into the s3 alot have you. will highlight one single point s3 is quad core. you can figure out the large amount of differences from there.

        and yet a lumia 900 runs a single core and outperforms the s3

        We are talking aesthetics here. It's not like apple are going to release a phone with the same internals either. Just saying phones a per reaching saturation in regards to case design.

          Lumia is probably the only invitation in phone design I have seen since the iPhone 4.

    how in god's name is a user- generated edit of a supposed leaked image of a new phone newsworthy?

    lol @ the crappy 1-bar of Virgin reception. That's at least part of the renders that we know is correct!

      Also, in these renders the plastic dividers around the metal frame are white, however I own a white 4S and on my 4S these dividers are are actually black. So whilst the renders look great I expect the divider lines (around the metal frame) will be black on both the white and black versions of the iPhone 5/2012.

    Looks the same as the current one...

    Well.. better prepare myself for another regretful and guilty purchase.

    The renders look nice.. The design looks nasty.
    Leave it up to Johnathan ives please!

    I certainly hope this isn't what I'm waiting for...

    If the iPhone 5 (or 4SS) comes out and looks remotely like these images, apple will not be getting my money and Microsoft will be given a chance by me.

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