The Hot Rod Of iPhone Speaker Docks Is Actually Made From Hot Rod Parts

Far too many speaker docks for Apple products are boring black boxes. These hand-built aluminium docks shaped like the exhaust pipes from hot rods are some of the most creative we've seen in a while.

Designed in Italy, iXoost docks come in three models: eight cylinders, 10 cylinders and 12 cylinders. The eight-cylinder and 10-cylinder models both have two 28mm tweeters, two 25mm midranges, a 100mm sub and a 200mm sub — the latter model is larger in size. The 12-cylinder model adds a third tweeter, midrange and 100mm sub.

But what really sets these hot rods apart is their gorgeous design available in a variety of anodised finishes and leather trims. The price is still unknown, but considering that each piece is a custom build — they're modelled on hot rods after all — we expect that price varies by how badass you want your dock to be. [iXoost via Cult of Mac]

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