Forget Yelp, US Gets New Way To Complain About Lousy Meals

Leaving a nasty Yelp review seems practically pointless, now that American diners have a new SMS service connecting cranky customers directly to a restaurant's owner/s and management staff. Think this sort of thing could ever work in Australia?

TalkToTheManager is a new subscription app service that allows restaurants to receive realtime text messages from complaining (or complimentary!) customers, as the dine.

After registering, the restaurant is given a unique TalkToTheManager phone number, which the service prints up on sign and stickers for the restaurant to display as encouragement for customer feedback.

How it works

• A customer texts a comment — "ladies room is filthy, pls clean up!" — to the TTTM number.

• The customer's text is sent to both the manager on duty and the own of the establishment.

• The manager will text back — "sry, will handle asap!" — if a response is warranted.

• The customer sees the response... and, if so moved, leaves a (ideally) positive Yelp review.

[Product Page via FoodBeast]

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