The Dark Knight Rises Crashed IMAX Sydney And IMAX Melbourne

Midnight session tickets for The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX went on sale yesterday, and demand was so bonkers that rabid fans crashed the IMAX Sydney and the IMAX Melbourne ticket portals yesterday.

The CEO of IMAX Sydney, Mark Bretherton, said yesterday that the site fell victim to some "crazy fans" for whom "only the midnight shows would do".

The issue, according to Bretherton, stemmed from people opening multiple browsers to buy tickets.

IMAX is now putting on more shows to meet demand. Don't swear to god that it won't happen again, IMAX. SWEAR TO ME. []

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    It's 2012 for heavens sakes... when will people learn that if you are going launch or sell something online you'd better over spec your servers to handle the load. I didn't buy any tickets, but always find it incredibly funny when they DoS their own website. :-P

      This! lols @ DoS their own website!!

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