The 9 Most Terrible Tech Tattoos

You're free to ink whatever permanent monstrosity you want on your body, but when it comes to technology tattoos, be careful! Some tech tats have expiration dates. All technologies will eventually be replaced, but some will be remembered more fondly than others -- and some won't be remembered at all.

Here are a few unfortunate souls who fell victim to having obsolete or otherwise terrible tech totems tattooed all over their bodies:

QR Codes

The neat thing is if you hold your phone up to this and scan it you're sent to a website that just says "I AM A FOOL" in giant blinkytext. I assume. [Geeky Tattoos]


At least now that Zune is pretty much dead you can pass this off as ironic? [ClicZune]

Geek Squad

In fairness, it's entirely possible this person was just branded after falling behind on Best Buy interest payments. [Geeky Tattoos]

Gateway Computers

Even if Gateway used to be a decent enough PC brand to sear onto your flesh, there's no way the cow logo is worth it. [Orange County Register]

The Blackberry Storm

At least it's not a PlayBook, I guess? [Crackberry]


I just wish we could read the emo Xanga entry that was written in the immediate aftermath of this. [Biz Stone]


To be fair, even Rupert Murdoch thought MySpace was a great idea back in 2005. [Complex]

Adobe Air

The most forgettable of all Adobe products, celebrated in the least forgettable fashion. [ReadWriteWeb]


Actually, you know what? Screw it. I'd get this tomorrow. [Geeky Tattoos]


    "Hold On"

    The Zune logo actually looks good in its own right as a design though, so unlike the rest, it's passable.

      I actually agree.

      That said, the guy that got it also got another zune branded one only to decide 6 or 12 months later that he then hated the zune and was at the time looking for a design to cover them up with.

    I'm no Apple fan but the iPhone still shits on the Blackberry Storm...i had the displeasure of having to use one of these at work and it is by far the worst "smart phone" I've seen and quite possibly the worst phone ever conceived. It's only redeeming feature was that in a pinch, you could use it to bludgeon someone to death....that person would probably be yourself if you had to use it for more than a few days in a row

    You know I would have used a different title for this piece.

    Interesting there wasn't an Apple logo to be seen.... or should that be magical?

    Yeah, sidekick rawks. I'd get that next to the Atari 400 one!

    I'm sure you don't know what is Adobe Air.

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