Teemo: Trick Yourself Into Getting Fit

Teemo: Trick Yourself Into Getting Fit

It’s June, which means you’ve got to get moving if you don’t want to pile on the winter weight. No one likes working out when you have to pay a boatload of money to run around like a hamster on a wheel. But Teemo aims to make getting off your butt a lot easier, and you don’t even need any fancy equipment.

What does it do?

This social fitness app turns exercise into a game. It transports you to exotic places where you’re faced with little challenges, such as climbing Mt Everest. It’s set up like an interval training format, so you’ll do a few minutes of walking or running, with push-ups or another exercise in between.

Why do we like it?

Do you ever get to the gym and have no idea what to do? Do I ride the bike or do I jog on the treadmill? And what kind of weights should I lift? You won’t have to worry about those things anymore, because Teemo lays out a routine for you. You can team up with your friends to take on different physical tasks in exotic locales — kind of like the Amazing Race, but it’s on your iPhone rather than a reality TV show. You don’t need any extra weights or anything, it comes with a timer, and you don’t have to skip around to other apps, because it lets you play Spotify or iTunes music while you sweat it out.


Download this app for: iPhone (free for a limited time)
The best: interval exercises
The worst: working out will always suck