Take Note: 5 Social Media Mistakes Not To Make At Work

Take Note: 5 Social Media Mistakes Not To Make At Work

Forbes, this morning, has a very on-point list of the top 5 social media mistakes to stop making at work. The author, Kelly Clay, supports her points with help from John Pirc, security researcher and Director of Product Management for HP TippingPoint and co-author of Cybercrime and Espionage.

Here are our reasons for why you really ought to heed Clay’s (and Pirc’s) advice.

Don’t check-in on Foursquare all the time, everywhere you go:

• Your boss will realise that you’re late to work every morning because you’re out drinking until late every night.

• You’ll slip up and check-in somewhere when you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

• You’ll annoy the hell out of co-workers, who don’t give a damn that you’re now the mayor of your dry cleaners.

Don’t post every single picture from last night’s party:

• Your co-workers will spot that unfortunate nipple-slip that your weary eyes glossed over.

• You may not mind, but the co-workers you’re partying with might want to keep their social life separate from their work life.

• You never know how a party picture can come back to getcha.

Don’t click links on Twitter if you’re unsure what they link to:

• Sometimes NSFW isn’t tagged NSFW.

• It might be an embarrassingly loud music video or audio clip.

• It might be anything you don’t want popping up on your work computer!

Don’t use the same password for every network and service:


Don’t friend your boss on Facebook:

• Pretty much all of the above.

*It is worth noting that, at any given time, these rules are being broken by some if not all of the Gizmodo staff. Do as we say, not as we do. [ForbesImage via NinaMalyna/Shutterstock]