In America, Taco Bell Now Sells Orange Juice Mixed With Mountain Dew

Do you like orange juice? Do you like mornings? Do you like Mountain Dew? Do you like irregular heartbeats? Taco Bell's latest concoction is the hydrogen bomb of fast food creativity.

The Dew A.M. gets 20 points for a clever name and 90,000 points on the WTF How Is This Even Safe or Appealing to Anyone scale. It's hard to imagine the flavours of orange and Mountain Dew combining into something less than toxic. Also strange is the 11 o'clock cutoff point — perhaps there is some federal law prohibiting the sale of such a thing beyond that point.

Of course, there's always the possibility that this is delicious, in which case we'll be washing down our morning tacos with this "mixology" ASAP. Food for thought: OJ packs around 20 grams of sugar per cup, and The Dew holds a whopping 31. [Reddit via Consumerist]

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