Sydney Brickshow: Living In A Lego Wonderland

It was rainy as hell in Sydney this weekend, but that didn't stop hundreds from lining up outside the Powerhouse Museum for Sydney's answer to Melbourne’s Brickvention and Canberra's BrickExpo. Organised by SydBricks (an offshoot of the Sydney Lego users group), The Sydney Brickshow was the perfect escape from the elements. Giz was there of course, and we put together this image gallery for those who couldn't make it...

Minifig Scale Imperial AT-AT

This Empire Strikes Back effort from Mark Curnow took over two years, multiple versions and more than 5000 pieces to build.

Sidney (Sic) Brick Casino

Martin Low spent over 100 hours piecing together 4000 bricks and 800 fairly lights to create this amazing cityscape, complete with highrise (with occupants!) and monorail.

Sci-Fi Lego!

Canberra Lego Users Group In The House


Australia's only certified Lego professional, Mr Ryan McNaught, spent 250 hours building this model of the Saturn V rocket that took astronauts to the moon in 1968. Oh, and you're looking at over 250,000 lego bricks!

More Star Wars Fun


Battlestar Viper, Star Wars Airspeeders And More

Fantastic Lego Ball Coaster


    love the viper and raptor from BSG!

      the raptor's quite impressive - it's a difficult shape, and one that not referred to either. The vipers get all the attention!

    I went to Brickvention last year and it was good to see some of the same models at the Sydney Brickshow. The guys/girls/families had added more to their work. For instance I saw the Hogwarts castle early last year and the guy has not only improved the castle but also added Hogsmead, which I remember him saying he was going to do.
    Plus there were some amazing new models this time round, including that fabulous train set with the bridge.
    Ryan McNaught has outdone himself this year as well, last two years were a cross section of a passenger plan and a cross section of a cruise liner, but this years Rocket is amazing! For anyone that missed it, it will be on display at Canberra's BrickExpo, July 14th/15th I think.

    It was a fantastic event. I went both days and to the evening event. Made me proud to be an AFOL - every single person I met was friendly and willing to take a few minutes out of their day to share their passion.

    The cocktail party was awesome and I think they made a fair amount of money for Westmead

      Sorry we didn't get a chance to catch up!

        That would have been good. Should of had a Gizmodo LEGO fan meet-up.

    The Perth Lego crew also have a big display on this weekend as part of the model train exhibition at Claremont Showgrounds, went yesterday and it was really good.

    That Saturn V is wonderful. Wouldn't it look cool in your house? With ground spotlights so you can swap between day and night launches. Ok, so I'm getting carried away now....

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