Beautiful Design: Swing Table, Bamboo Globe, And More

Beautiful Design: Swing Table, Bamboo Globe, And More

There are some gorgeous things that made this week’s most beautiful items of the week. Whether it’s stackable dressers, a private island, or a ballon-supported coffee table, there’s a whole buffet for your eyes.

This Bamboo Globe Is As Gorgeous As It Wants The Planet to Be

If you want to raise worldwide awareness about the environment through your design, you should probably do so in an environmentally friendly way, right? And if you want to save the Earth, you might as well put it on display. More

These Solar-Powered, Floating Island Homes Are a Millionaire’s Private Paradise

Start saving yesterday, because as soon as these Orsos luxury island yacht estates become available in 2013, you’re not going to want to wait to sail off on your own private paradise. More

With This Swing Table in the Office, Work Becomes Play

It’s hard to get excited about another drawn-out business meeting. Stiff chairs. A circle of equally bored faces. Maybe your leg falls asleep from all that sitting, and then what? You jiggle it silently in your seat and stumble gracelessly on your way out the door. More

These Swiss Wrist Watches Are Contemporary, Classic, and Utterly Crave-able

Orolog is a newly established Swiss-made watch company, a collaborative effort between Jaime Hayon and Ian Lowe. Crafted using exquisitely-colored Hermes leather, Ronda quartz movements, matte stainless steel and pvd case finishes, matching/contrasting matte black pvd buckles, crowns & pushers-these elegant time pieces strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. More

Alien Invaders Will Apparently Arrive In Stylish Bus Shelters

No one’s entirely sure what the aliens who will inevitably invade our planet will look like. But if movies have taught us anything, their spacecraft will probably look a lot like this stunning bus station in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. More

Floating Balloon Coffee Table Is a Whimsical Way To Get Sued By Disney

Don’t get us wrong. We’re completely enamoured with Duffy London’s new glass-topped coffee table that looks like it’s being supported by a cluster of helium balloons. We’re just not sure calling it the UP was the best idea. That mouse can be very litigious! More

Stackable Dressers Take the Skyscraper Approach To Storage

Having trouble fitting all your clothing into a dresser but don’t have the floorspace for multiple units? Just do what big cities do when they need room to house more people-build up. More

There’s Something Incomplete About This Wireframe Desk

A lot of conceptual furniture designs only exist in a computer, and the rendered images we see are meant to make them look real. But it’s just the opposite with Bomi Park’s wireframe creations. They look like they only exist as pixels, but they are actual, physical metal grids. More