SWAT Team Reminds Girl To Secure Her Wi-Fi By Raiding Her House With Flashbangs

Here's a reminder that you should never, ever, ever have a Wi-Fi network without a password on it. Police in Indiana called up the SWAT team to raid an 18-year-old gir's house by smashing her front window and throwing two flashbangs inside because of her open Wi-Fi network. What the hell?

It all started because some people who signed on to the innocent girl's open Wi-Fi network were making specific threats about the police. The police told Eyewitness News that the threats included awfulness like:

Them showing up at officers' houses and doing bodily harm. Some of them talked about killing our wives and our children.

And serious, tasteless threats like:

Cops beware! I'm proud of my country but I hate police of any kind. I have explosives :) made in America. Evansville will feel my pain.

If it seems a little excessive to flashbang and raid a house -- I mean, if you watch the video you can see the SWAT team was out in complete force -- just because of threats over the Internet, get this: the poor girl's house that the SWAT team raided had its front door open. THE DOOR WAS OPEN. Flashbanging the house was completely unnecessary and seemed more like a bully tactic than regular protocol.

The police eventually realised their mistake and located the Internet gangster in a neighbouring house. He had logged onto the innocent girl's Wi-Fi network because it didn't require a password. Ars Technica says the person the police were really looking for is "a teenager who admits to the paper that he has a "smart mouth," dislikes the cops, and owns a smartphone". Sounds like every other teenager to me.

Police follies and irresponsible SWAT team behaviour aside, people, please lock up your home Wi-Fi networks by putting a password on it. You never want to be flash banged. Watch the SWAT team raid here [Tristate Homepage via Ars Technica]



    Well if she din't have a problem with cops before she sure does now -_-

    Ahh yes, don'cha just love the direction the yanks are going in..
    The US will be a police state by the end of the decade and conscription will be enforced on all teenagers!

      And conscription may well be the best thing to happen to them.

    Conscription should be in oz too. Fix up our gen y issues teach respect and responsibility

      Gen Y isnt the issue princess, its the fucked Generation X in the middle that insistently bombards us with requests to fix their gadgets they have no clue how to use. Or the one where they bombard them with old ways of doing things that still dont work.

      Typical Generation X - need to harden up.

        I think u need to harden up princess, as a gen Xer i grew up with respect for the law, people and property,something that sees to be lacking in gen Y. I fix my own gadgets & build my own gaming rigs , not bad for a bloke in his late forties............

          Don't stress mate I'm a tail end Gen-Xr, I have been taught respect as well mate.

          Don't worry all the Gen Ys will eradicate them selves by getting drunk and knocking each other out or knifing or shooting each other. If not they will be crippled by debt by having to have everything now.

          And yes I know how to operate all my electronic devices, probably better than you Master T.

            Maybe everyone should stop blaming the time a person was born for people not raising their children correctly or teaching them to respect others, their property or due process. If a certain 'generation' grows up poorly, then surely its the fault of the ones who raised them?

              This comment win so much internet

              Without gen x, we wont have bill gates and steve jobs

              Without gen y, we wont have google

              Nuff said

              This old argument... Really?!

              The young will always hold the old accountable for their failed ideology, ignoring the fact that their own is often untested.
              The old will always accuse the young of destroying society, ignoring the fact that they are often guilty of the same actions themselves.

              When you grow older the only thing that changes is your role from disrespectful to disrespected.

              My point is, don't blame Gen-Y for being the same kind of ******* you have forgotten you were when you were a kid.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Well all those kids who died in Vietnam certainly made your generation a lot more palatable

        That was the baby boomers. Next you'll be blaming the boomers for the Russian Revolution.

      Coming from from someone who wouldn't be subject to conscription.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Thats just disgusting, completely disgusting, shouldn't they have done, I don't know, some actual police work? they would have found out the boy was right next do if they only investigated, this is nothing short of harrassment and abuse of power. If people didn't have a reason to hate the cops they do now.

    No, flashbanging the house is still perfectly fine if they think that there is someone in there who is wanting to do them harm!

    Obviously a mix up, but better to be safe then sorry I think.

    Flash bang - is that like a flash mob?

      Sort of, only a lot brighter and a lot louder, and probably not quite as festive.

    Wildly irresponsible behaviour from the cops. Some very basic police work could have confirmed the occupants of that home are not responsible for the messages. E.g. see if you can log into the router w/o a password. Flash bangs are not toys, they have the capacity to do serious harm or cause psychological trauma, especially in children. I'm horrified at the thought of such things being used with a baby and toddler in the house.

    Indeed, flash bang grenades have a nasty habit of setting fire to things.

    Frightening Kids.. Wow... What an awesome fire cracker they would think....

    Sure Over the top.... They could have knocked... and ended up dead. Easier to throw a flash-bang in and follow it up with the C02 Extinguisher.
    (Who is to say the Girl in the house was the only occupant, her boyfriend may have been the threat.... I'm sure you never have guests around your place.. (sic))

    Take no chances (or hostages).
    "Shoot first" and the bodies can summons their lawyers is the modern way of Law enforcement.
    (Dead people file less law suits)

      Or just take off and nuke the site from orbit. Only way to be sure.

      Incorrect dead people with no-one who cares whether they exist or not, file no law suits.
      Clearly if the girl had been injured we would have a bigger civil liberties case being pursued and I'm not just talking straight damages by those involved.

    The lesson is not to lock your wifi, but for the police that should learn not to hulk smash something until they are competent in their job, actually know what they are doing, and have the right house/person.

    If you think the girl is at fault for what happened to her, get off my planet.

    What all you old people "gen x's" or whatever need to also realize, is all the mistakes of the past are being more and more pushed on us to fix, cos you're getting to old for it. The other problem in that is you refuse to let go, you refuse to allow new ideas into the fray. Trust me, I wanna punch half my generation out aswell, it's fucking disgraceful. But once again, that also falls on you for not raising us properly, for not standing up for what you really should of. We are, the world is becoming a police state, we are fighting on even more uneven footing because you failed to stand up in your time. Don't bitch and whine at those that fight for the lower class, stand beside them and demand the respect we all deserve.
    A man always craves knowledge, they crave the clear path, the easy path. It's those that choose to fight for us all instead of for selfish reasons that allow us to be the people we should be. We need more people like this. Start accepting actions and responsibilities. We all learn from these mistakes.

    Also this could be you next if you don't start stepping up. It's a joke now, won't be in 5 years.

    Also, this story is

    now, this is TROLLING! XD

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