Sub-$200 Kogan Agora Tablets, Gone In Days

Sub-$200 Kogan Agora Tablets, Gone In Days

If anyone was wondering whether demand existed for cheap tablets (and HP’s Touchpad firesale failed to convince), you might like to know that Kogan has sold out of both its 8GB and 16GB Agora tablets, which launched just days ago on May 28.

A cursory glance of the tablets on the Kogan website shows a pair of very noticeable “Sold out” notices, in case you had doubts.

“Kogan is working on another production run right now, and it will be available for sale shortly,” quotes ARN from a Kogan spokesperson. ARN goes on to mention that those who pre-ordered won’t get their units until the end of June.

Did you decide to pick one up? If so, which model did you go for and what compelled your purchase besides the price?