Stylish Table Lamp Or Elaborate Crack Pipe?

Traditionally a lampshade is put in place to lessen the intensity of a lightbulb. In the case of Michaela Tomišková's Hadovka Lamp, the lampshade is merely there to accent the light, blending in with the all-glass body of the lamp.

Very much a modern piece, the lamp still manages to tap into the past traditions of the Czech Republic's glass blowers, resulting in an undeniably attractive object. [Michaela Tomišková via Cool Hunting]


    What the.... Does that have to do with a crackpipe?

      Nah, I get the crack pipe reference... in an abstract way... if you were trying to hide your glass dick inside furniture, this would be THE lamp for it.. but you'd have to keep the dick clean or dirty up the lamp..

      For reference, you should always keep your dick clean...

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