SSDs Cost Half As Much As They Did In 2011, So It's Time To Upgrade

While last years Thailand floods saw the cost of hard disk drives skyrocket, the price of solid state drives has been slowly dropping. In fact, since early 2011 prices have dropped on average by 46 per cent.

That's largely thanks to healthy, if aggressive, competition between big players in the market. While such competition shows no signs of stopping, if you've been telling yourself you'd switch to SSD when it got cheaper, this is your time. Upgrade already. [TechReport]


    Not to mention >$3/GB back in 2009. Still a massively worthwhile upgrade even at those prices, though.

    Got my 128gb Octane from Centrecom last Tuesday for my now ageing Macbook Pro... And it fully boots up in 10-12 seconds! BEST $90 I'VE EVER SPENT!

      didnt realise macs required upgrading after they left the store. thought only PCs needed to have parts replaced....=P

    The price difference between a 256 GB and 512 GB SSD is still too great.

    If you're wanting 512 GB of redundant storage, it's cheaper to get 3 256 GB SSD's in RAID 5 than it is to get 2 512 GB SSD's in RAID 1.

    got 2x512gb M4 Crucial's in Raid-0. And it didn't cost me a kidney.

      Each? or just one kidney for the two, cause thats a steal if thats the case.

    The best performance upgrade I've ever done to my computer is use an SSD as the system drive.

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