South Australian Police Helicopter Captures Crazy Carjackings, High-Speed Chase

Yesterday Giz reported about the CSIRO, Boeing and Queensland University of Technology researching unmanned UAVs in urban areas. While that sounds all sorts of Sci-Fi, it'd no doubt result in more footage like this jaw-dropping multiple carjacking and high-speed chase captured by a South Australian Police helicopter on Thursday.

Police say it started with the pursuit of a stolen white Commodore on the Riddoch Highway, which was called off due to high speeds (reportedly as fast as 180km/h). Police will allege that two men then abandoned the white vehicle and stole another maroon Commodore. That’s where the above vision picks up, with the police helicopter tracking the car along the Dukes Highway.

As you can see, the men then appear to steal a four-wheel drive and continue on despite driving with deflated front tyres after being tyre spiked by police. That is until colliding with another vehicle and trailer at a tollgate. The 24-year old driver was arrested after a foot chase through peak-hour traffic, while the second man then allegedly stole a VW sedan from a 22 year old woman, forcing her from the driver’s side into the passenger seat.

Thankfully, the woman was allowed to leave a few minutes later before the VW crashed into a fence, forcing the man to flee and unsuccessfully try to carjack more vehicles. Police soon arrested the 20 year old man as he ran through nearby backyards.

The 24-year old man is charged with breach of bail, two counts of illegal use of a motor vehicle and two counts of illegal use of a motor vehicle and aggravated robbery. The 20-year old man is charged with three counts of illegal use, two counts of aggravated robbery, assault with intent to rob, unlawfully on premises and resisting police.

If you were affected by the incident, please contact [South Australian Police]

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