New Android Apps: Songkick Concerts, Qello, DC Comics And More

This batch of the week's best Android apps will keep you entertained until the next round. We're giving you something to help you find concerts, something else to let you watch shows when you can't go to those concerts, something to scan your phone for viruses and more.

Songkick Concerts: You'll never miss your favourite band coming to town with this app. It scans your music library and your Spotify account to find out musicians you like, and then it tells you when they come to your city to play a gig. Free.

Virus Total: Is there malware on your phone? Virus Total will tell you. It scans all the apps on your phone to make sure none of the ones you have installed are going to harm your device. Free.

Qello: Just because you can't go to a concert doesn't mean you have to miss it entirely. You can watch shows in HD with Qello. It offers a lot of free footage, but you'll have to pony up $5 if you want the full experience. Free.

DC Comics: Are you a fan of Superman, Batman and other superheros from the DC Universe? If so, you'll like this app, which lets you buy the latest issues and download old ones too. Free.

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