Some Third-Party Apps Look Crappy On The New MBP Retina Display

The next-generation MacBook Pro, with it's world-eclipsing 2880 x 1800 pixel display, is both an engineering triumph and a thing of great beauty. But hold up, because software's going to take a little while to catch up with it.

The Verge is reporting that a lot of third-party apps look a little crappy on that wonderful screen. While software that was demonstrated at the launch was optimised to run on the Retina display, software that hasn't had such treatment is a little disappointing. For instance, the Verge has posted the screen-shot below, which compares Chrome to Safari (click the image to see a high-res version). It doesn't take long to realise that Chrome looks rather blurry by comparison.

It's not immediately obvious why that should be the case. But clearly Chrome, along with the Steam client and the Kindle app according to the Verge, need some tweaks before they look truly great on the display. In the meantime, at least Safari looks beautiful. [The Verge]

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