Some Third-Party Apps Look Crappy On The New MBP Retina Display

The next-generation MacBook Pro, with it's world-eclipsing 2880 x 1800 pixel display, is both an engineering triumph and a thing of great beauty. But hold up, because software's going to take a little while to catch up with it.

The Verge is reporting that a lot of third-party apps look a little crappy on that wonderful screen. While software that was demonstrated at the launch was optimised to run on the Retina display, software that hasn't had such treatment is a little disappointing. For instance, the Verge has posted the screen-shot below, which compares Chrome to Safari (click the image to see a high-res version). It doesn't take long to realise that Chrome looks rather blurry by comparison.

It's not immediately obvious why that should be the case. But clearly Chrome, along with the Steam client and the Kindle app according to the Verge, need some tweaks before they look truly great on the display. In the meantime, at least Safari looks beautiful. [The Verge]



    Funny how I don't hear any of the apple fanboys squealing about this. Yet if it was a story about apps not working on the latest Android/Windows...hell would break loose about their superiour product from the Apple overlords.

      Well mainly because this isn't about anything wrong with Apple, it's mainly slight dig at Google's Chrome and other third party "apps" not being optimised by those lazy developers to show the true amazing beauty of the phenomenal screen...

      I just checked again, I'm not exaggerating, the article really is that fawning.
      Ah well, Whacha gonna do?

        How can you criticise anybody?

        Apple released product with new pixel density. We can't expect competing apps to have it integrated from the start. "Lazy developers" sheesh it came out yesterday give them a chance to make the update.

        My point being, when ICS came out (or Win8) you hear sniggering from Apple fanboys that "oh the software doesn't work on the latest device". Because that's generally how things work until an uddate arrives.

        If anyone is to be criticised I'd say Apple for not including native DPI controls in OSX (a la Windows).

          I agree. I Have a 27" iMac and can't believe you cant change the DPI of menus etc.

          The old " Apple says you don't need it!" or "Change the res of the display" i.e. 2560x1440 down to 1920x1200

        Seriously? THAT is what you get from the article? What it is really pointing out is that Apple are up-rezzing applications, which is the equivalent of running your monitor at non-optimal resolutions. i.e. The problem is not the way Chrome displays web pages, the problem is the way the MB Pro displays Chrome. And this is just one example, the problem will exist in absolutely every piece of software you use on your Mac and it means that most software vendors will have to start creating separate UIs for Mac versions of their software. I reckon that will hurt Apple in the long run because it is just one more reason not to bother going cross-platform.

      Instead we have to listen to you.

      Just because there's a nice silence, doesn't mean you have to break it to talk about it.

    Of course competitors' software is going to run badly on a new product, they're not going to scramble to update just so their competition's customers can have a better experience. Hell, look at iTunes and Quicktime running on Windows...not very pretty.

    In this case though, I imagine it will be fixed in time. Chrome has always been a bit slow on the uptake with staying compatible with new OS features. That, and they(chrome devs) often refuse to use APIs for basic features, instead insisting on making their own version that never quite works as well. Sigh.

      Yeah, what surprises me about iTunes and Quicktime is that it doesn't seem to put sheeple off buying Apple products. For me it was a big factor in not buying an iPod.

    Another good reason to give the new product a cycle or two to get broken in before buying. I bought one of the first gen MBPs and while I loved it, I wish I had waited a year and let them work out some of the kinks.

    How are people surprised by this? It's the same problem that happened when the new iPad came out, and even the iPhone 4 almost 2 years ago

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