Snow Crash Movie Back On: Report

Snow Crash Movie Back On: Report

The film adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash — a near-future tale of a hero fighting to destroy a world-threatening super virus — is back on for another go around according to Deadline Hollywood.

The 1992 novel tells the story of Hiro Protagonist, a pizza delivery guy in Reality, armed with samurai sword skills and computer hacking skills in the Metaverse. He begins investigating a dangerous new drug that infects the minds of hackers both in Reality and in the Metaverse and goes on a quest to stop it.

It’s got some awesome themes, including religion and philosophy, while analysing the intersection between digital and real-world culture.

Snow Crash had been optioned shortly after its release in 1992 with a movie set to be made by in 1996 Touchstone Pictures and the guy who eventually went on to write The Day After Tomorrow. Sadly, that project (snow) crashed and burned.

Now, however, Attack The Block writer/director Joe Cornish is reportedly adapting the film once more for Paramount Pictures.

Cornish’s previous projects have included some great writing credits, including the screenplay for The Adventures of Tin Tin. It’s still early days for this new adaptation of Snow Crash, and it’s not like Cornish will be giving it his full attention right off the bat. He’s still got the screenplay for Antman to write (yes, really). [Deadline Hollywood via First Showing]