Snow Crash Movie Back On: Report

The film adaptation of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash — a near-future tale of a hero fighting to destroy a world-threatening super virus — is back on for another go around according to Deadline Hollywood.

The 1992 novel tells the story of Hiro Protagonist, a pizza delivery guy in Reality, armed with samurai sword skills and computer hacking skills in the Metaverse. He begins investigating a dangerous new drug that infects the minds of hackers both in Reality and in the Metaverse and goes on a quest to stop it.

It's got some awesome themes, including religion and philosophy, while analysing the intersection between digital and real-world culture.

Snow Crash had been optioned shortly after its release in 1992 with a movie set to be made by in 1996 Touchstone Pictures and the guy who eventually went on to write The Day After Tomorrow. Sadly, that project (snow) crashed and burned.

Now, however, Attack The Block writer/director Joe Cornish is reportedly adapting the film once more for Paramount Pictures.

Cornish's previous projects have included some great writing credits, including the screenplay for The Adventures of Tin Tin. It's still early days for this new adaptation of Snow Crash, and it's not like Cornish will be giving it his full attention right off the bat. He's still got the screenplay for Antman to write (yes, really). [Deadline Hollywood via First Showing]

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    i want to see a movie where the other side is shown as being the hero - the hacker. Maybe a group of individuals that don't like where the government is going, so they break into something to show the world the evil being done by this government (American or Australian governments will do for this bit) and then the people rise up and overthrow them, installing proper democracy.

    anyone else?

      Sounds lame and completely unrealistic.

        have you not been to the movies lately? they are all unrealistic.

        i disagree with the lame bit though

    Look I liked Snow Crash and everything but it was as if Stephenson did a kerouac and wrote the first draft on a single roll of paper whilst smashed on amphetamines.

    What the 99% want though is a Diamond Age film!! that would be fucking awesome! Sure Snow Crash has a similar theme but to show the public that the world can live without governments would be a awesome first step. The dissolution of the tax system and national currencies will force cultures and societies to balkenise to protect their own if you will. Though unlike the Balkenise it will function and we will get along.

      ^^^Yes, Yes, Yes
      As much as i love snowcrash, Diamond Age (or the young lady's illustrated primer) is the book ive read again and again. It simply is a great read, great story and would work brilliantly on screen.

      The 99% aren't anarchists, and you have no proof for yoir assertion that removing governments will somehow magically make people get along. Just sayin'...

      On topic, Snow Crash is much closer to the hollywood blockbuster aesthetic than Diamond Age, which really does work better as a book. I would be STOKED to see this made.

      Snowcrash reads like a typical 190s British indie comic for the first part (which is what it was going to be initially) and then changes to try and be a bit more intellectual with that crazy virus/language/religion idea later on. Not really like some "single roll" thing at all. There's a lot of different ideas chucked into the soup on the way.
      It's a visually fun book, ideal for a big silly Hollywood movie, with some pat semi-intellectualism thrown in. Just what Hollywood thrives on.

    I will laugh, then cry if Uwe Boll gets his mitts on this.

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