Slow Motion Camera Captures This BMW M5 Going On A Beautiful Rampage

This is what slow motion cameras were made for: capturing beautiful things slowly but surely destroying other beautiful things. This one's no execption either, as we watch a BMW M5 blow its way through a huge glass apple, three enormous water balloons and a thick-looking target.

I'm not sure who's braver in this scenario: the BMW driver or the work experience kid who has to clean up the apple shards with a dustpan. [Geekologie]


    That's basically the best thing ever.

    would this be shown in australia? isn't it illegal to market speed & destruction in automotive commercials here?

      On public roads Yes I believe it might be but on race tracks or in this case salt flats where high speed events are organised and held then it is actually promoted as it encourages keeping this type of driving on the track where it changes from reckless driving to sport.

        That didn't stop the advert of the BMW Z4 driving/drifting over paint in a closed area being banned in Australia.

    AMAZING CG. Love it.

    nope even if its in the middle of no where this couldnt be shown on australia TV. Remember the Holden lightning ute ad doing donuts in the dirt? That got banned

    And the point of this article is... ?

    Definitely CG!

    I played "Be a British Super Tourer" once. In the proper races they have polystyrene braking markers and every now and then the cars slide off and smash into them and they smash into a million little pieces.

    I got a Polystyrene foam box and I hit it with my ute at 60km/h, ummm yeah... it cracked my front bar and dislodged my head light.

    So theoretically the M5 wouldn't look so pretty hitting anything.

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