Siri Might Finally Hit The iPad In iOS 6

9to5Mac is reporting that Siri is finally coming to the iPad in iOS 6. Yep, Siri, in all her helpful, assistant-like ways (and sailor cursing, sexual tendencies too!) on the big screen. What's interesting, though, is that Siri is going to look different.

9to5Mac's sources say that Siri won't need to hog the entire screen of the iPad (like it does on the iPhone), instead, it'll act more like how Notifications Center works on the iPad. Siri's interface is supposed to be "built into the iPad as a small window on top of whatever interface the user is currently interacting with. The Siri window with rounded corners sits at the bottom centre of the display". As Notifications Center is a drop-down banner on the iPad, Siri on the iPad is expected be a drag-up sliding screen. You can trigger Siri by holding the home button, just like on the iPhone 4S.

As of now, Siri is expected to only be available on the new iPad (though it's being tested on the old iPad 2 too). If Siri does finally come to the iPad, let's hope it's better than what it currently is. We'll find out for sure at WWDC. [9to5Mac]



    I still just don't get Siri. Are there any other iPhone 4S users here who actually find Siri really useful?

      Nope never use it. Sucks cos i use a galaxy s 2 as well and accessing the voice control/task manager are exact opposites on the 2 phones

    I use the dictation function alone to send texts while walking or when I am too tired to type. I also have an insanely long list of contacts thanks to my job so I use it to say "call (insert name here) mobile".

    For hands free while driving it's a godsend. Also useful for setting up reminders, much quicker than actually setting up a reminder manually. Also what @JM said earlier, it gets through huge contact lists quickly

    Yeah I use it a fair bit. It's great for driving but also quite useful for sending emails / texts faster than I otherwise would have been able to.
    It's certainly not perfect but for the way I use it it's great

    Still wont work in Australia for businesses or services.

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