Siri Knows About The New Sydney Apple Store

The secret is out that Apple is building a second retail store in Sydney's Broadway shopping centre, and despite the fact that it's not even open for business yet, Siri knows where it is and is happy to take you there, provided you have iOS 6.

So much for "doubling down on secrecy", Apple.

Thanks Alan for sending this in.



    "if steve still here, he won't let this happened"

    The other give away is the giant Apple Sign on the black box store front, and that the free WiFi is already working.

    The authorised apple dealer in glebe (on the same block) that's been there for years won't be too happy about this!

    Next byte will b(y)te the Apple and properly move or close

    Sydney has two apple stores in one shopping centre?

      Nope. Don't know how you got that impression - all three there are clearly at different street addresses.

    Where is the new Brisbane store?

      Now that is a good question

        What about the south perth one aswell? These other locations matter too, you know

    it's because it's already supposed to be open but they delayed it due to the murder of a security guard in the centre.

    Can u check carindale brisbane

    The giant Apple logo that went up at least 10 days ago was probably a good hint too:

    I don't think they'll be too concerned with Siri "leaking" this one. :rolleyes:

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