Shopping For Clothes Is Still So 1.0

Today Gizmodo Australia attended the official Australian launch of the Samsung SUR40 table computer powered by PixelSense (also known as the Surface table), and I was shown a variety of things from frankly fantastic educational apps through to a crazy-awesome maps application. But by far the most interesting concept was one straight out of the future, and it could change the way you buy clothes if retailers cared about technology.

The concept of trying things on before you buy them isn't new, but this concept from Amnesia Razorfish employs both the use of the Surface table, iPad apps and Kinect sensors to show you exactly what your clothes would look like with what you're already wearing.

Amnesia had this concept out a year ago, so why hasn't a flagship outlet store like David Jones, Myer or even Zara harnessed this amazing concept and used it to promote themselves as the savvy, forward-thinking outlet of the future? Tell me you wouldn't be more excited to try on clothes if there was more technology involved in doing it?!

Another concept aired by Amnesia is something called "Connect", and it's the coolest way to share documents collaboratively I've ever seen. I know that sounds boring, but watch the video and you'll thank me.

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