Samsung's Gunning For The iPhone 5 With Its 'Unbreakable' Galaxy Note 2 Phablet

Samsung's apparently got a new phablet on its way, and considering the success of the original Galaxy Note, I'm not surprised. The Koreans aren't holding their punches though — Samsung's apparently bringing the Galaxy Note 2 forward to launch in October to take Apple’s incoming iPhone 5 head on.

The Galaxy Note 2 will supposedly be a derivative of the Galaxy S III, which isn't a bad move from where we're standing. It'll also have a large 'unbreakable panel display', which is apparently a precursor to Samsung's flexible display, so this thing might even be a bit bendy. It’ll probably rank in the 5.5-inch range, which firmly puts it in the phablet category, with rumours hinting at a potential screen resolution of 1680 by 1050 (that’s high as the current 15-inch non-Retina Display MacBook Pro).

Considering how poorly the Galaxy S III's screen deals with drops, I really hope Samsung's got some seriously fancy hardass glass up its sleeve – call it unbreakable and you can bet your lunch money that everyone will try and smash it up good and proper. [MK Business via The Register]

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    Bring on the big phones for us blokes who have man sized hands and fingers.

      Hands big enough for the Note aren't "man" sized, no, they really are freakishly big. That said, in my dealings with mining companies the majority clothes sizes people seem to come in are large and extra large. Don't know weather that means we've got a lot of bug guys around or there's just a lot more fatties than usual.

    I love my Note, and if even half the spec upgrades of the Note II is to be believed it looks like I'll be upgrading by the end of the year.

      Love my note, the best alround device, definately will be upgrading though

    given the number of s3's i have seen broken from droping a foot or two... ill keep my htc and ipad

    Damn... I only got the Galaxy Note 3 months ago!!!

    I never knew that about the.gs3...never even seen one in the flesh. The greatest thing about my gs2 is the hammering I've given it. The plastic edges are somewhat chipped..but the screen doesn't have a scratch...and man do I drop phones a lot. Won't be upgrading anytime soon...I thought poor quality screens were an iPhone exclusive.

    All this talk about bendable screens, people forget about something else.

    It's all well and good having a bendable screen on your phone, but unless you have bendable everything else (I can't see surface mount IC's and such coping too well with this), your phone is going to be rigid as shit.

    I was tempted by the S3 until I heard this was coming along. Four months seems a long way, away though!

    This will be perfect time for me to upgrade from my Dell Streak at the end of my contract :)

    perfect timing Samsung, well done

    I was tossing up between the Note the S3 and the Note 2, finally succumbed to the GS3 and it is a great phone besides the understandably mediocre battery life. Ive also managed to drop it down a full flight of escalators and it came out perfectly fine bar a very tiny scratch on the screen.

    To those of you complaining about the GS3's fragile screen, have you ever considered, oh I don't know, perhaps being a little more careful with your property? Get the right case for it and maybe it won't slip our of your hands as easily.

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