Samsung Opening Its Own Sydney Store?

Showdown on George Street. Noon. That's the message I want to see plastered onto the beautiful panes of glass adorning Apple's Sydney store come Monday, as rumours emerge that Samsung is gearing up to announce its own high street retail outlet.

The battle for tech supremacy now extends to real estate, it seems, as the two gadget giants vie for Sydney real estate.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Samsung will take over the lease of 450 George Street in the coming weeks.

Samsung won't confirm the location, but it's not denying it either:

Samsung Electronics Australia is currently finalising some exciting retail plans for the Australian market and we look forward to making an announcement soon.

Samsung already has its own gadget precincts within flagship telco stores, including Androidland, built within Telstra's flagship Melbourne T-Life store, and the Korean company is no stranger to dumping in Apple's backyard.

It opened a pop-up store a handful of doors up from Apple, offering gadget devotees the chance to get their hands on the then-flagship Galaxy SII handset for a paltry sum of $2. People camped out for days for the chance, despite the fact that the deal only extended to the first 10 campers lined up at the beginning of each day. That was at the height of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 patent war, too.

Meanwhile, in the Broadway shopping centre at the top of George Street, Apple is building yet another store to capitalise on the relatively untapped front.

Will Sydney ever know gadget peace? It's only going to be the third-party resellers like Next Byte, Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi that suffer. [Sydney Morning Herald]



    I doubt I'd buy direct form a brand-name store, although I did buy my Vaio from a Sony Centre, but that's because Sony keep a very tight rein on retail anyway. But brands like Samsung are always going to be cheaper from JB or on-line.

    Apple has shown the way, the others are starting to play catchup. I found it interesting when I moved to Singapore that there are plenty of Samsung shops that have real estate dedicated to showing their Samsung phones, tablets and computers, but no official Apple stores (but they partner with certain store chains to setup dedicated space for Apple products).

    "It’s only going to be the third-party resellers like Next Byte, Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi that suffer."
    Gotta differ with you there. Go into Samsung store, take a look at the TVs and ultrabooks displayed at their best; head to JB and get a better price. Or go online.

    Who wouldn't do this?

    They need to set up a store in Bears Lagoon so i can get a $2 SIII.
    Come on sammy, come to Bears Lagoon.
    Or even Bendigo.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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