Rumourmodo: Does This Video Show The iPhone 5's Front Panel?

Japanese bloggers have gotten their paws on an alleged piece of Apple's next handset. If it's true — a big if — you're looking at the iPhone 5's face. It's bigger.

As you can see in Macotakara's physical comparison, the new front plate sticks out appreciably above a current iPhone, though doesn't appear to be any wider — this stays in line with rumours we've been picking up regarding a taller iPhone with a boosted display resolution. Macotakara's measurements put the new front at 4.07 inches, which, again, would line up with a rumoured screen that jumps from 3.5 inches to somewhere around four inches.

All of this assumes the part is actually something Apple will be using. It might not be. [Macotakara via MacRumors]

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