Rumourmodo: Are iMac And Mac Pro Redesigns In Our Future, After All?

Today was like an Apple ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah, with a bounty of dreamy new machines and upgrades unveiled in all their slim, retina-displaying, glory. Not included among the redesign group, however, were the iMac and the Mac Pro (though Mac Pro did get a quiet, unannounced internal upgrade, in three configurations).

There's been lots of speculation that Apple is phasing out the desktop computer, which would seem to jibe with today's non-news, but that may be a hasty public opinion.

It looks like David Pogue may have lucked into a bit of unauthorised intel:

Many Apple observers also wonder if Apple thinks that desktop computers are dead, since not a word was said about the iMac and Mac Pro. An executive did assure me, however, that new models and new designs are under way, probably for release in 2013.

As yet, this is little more than a rumour from a reputable source. But, if true, this would suggest an entirely different perspective on the fate of the desktop computer. [NYT]



    The current iMac is getting a bit long in the tooth. Over a year since last update. I was really hoping for a bump today to bring in line. I did not need/expect a new design. But I need to buy one for work and don't want to fork out for something already over 12 months old. It's well past the usual update cycle of 273 days already, now over 400. Other announments very nice, but not relevant to me right now.

    the Mac was built on designers, so I can't see the IMac dying anytime yet. It's bread and butter.
    Started on a IICi, done the Big towers - the IMac (27 inch maxed) is fantastic. Ipad is a toy for me.
    I work on a 3 year upgrade cycle, so aren't concerned.
    The desktop is far from dead...

    well said angus i have been saving for a while now ready for a new imac. im desperate for a new computer this old macbook pro is shagged. im so desperate for a new machine i looking into the new dell xps one

    As someone who owns the 'new' iMac the only change I could see is some internal changes on the video card, ram and CPU for the new Ivy Bridge. A retina display iMac seems possible although much farther fetched than on the desktop (Possibly 2013). The Mac Pro is the one that desperately needs an update, I have spoken with some developers/video creators that need just a thunderbolt port and they would be over the moon.

      That's an interesting insight into different approaches to your gear: i.e when you want the machine you want with the bits you want in it and you have the cash to spend you can get it down to the last screw, if that's your thing- ports, screen res, external appearance, anything at all, VS waiting for a company to put the right package together.

    I guess imac is round the corner for some spec update not redesign. if you look at these links
    then you'll see that imac is listed in the inventory and also it got logged in Geekbench's database. So i think it might be there for release soon, may be with mountain lion next month.
    maybe its all my wishfull thinking cos i need an imac and dont want to spend the money on a year old stuff.

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