Rumoured iPhone 5 Video Reaffirms Longer, Two-Tone, Unibody Design

While we're not expecting the iPhone 5 to debut at next week's WWDC, we're clearly getting close enough to a release that the rumours are jumping out left, right, and centre. Here, video hands-on with that taller, two-tone, unibody goodness that we'd seen pictures of just last week.

And you know what? It's growing on me.

There's not much new in the video Apple parts reseller ETradeSupply posted that we couldn't glean from the previous leak; a smaller dock connector, a headphone jack on the bottom, and a distinctive unibody back plate/antenna. The width is approximately the same as iPhone 4S, but the added height leaves plenty of room for a four-inch, 16:9 display.

If Apple follows its usual release patterns -- and it almost never strays from them -- we're not going to see an actual iPhone 5 announcement until October. Will it look like this? Maybe. Or maybe this is just a design that's being explored and will be tossed by then. Or maybe some merry prankster is seeding parts suppliers with iPhone MacGuffins.

But Apple rumours can also be like anything else; if there's enough smoke, there's probably a fire somewhere. And in this case, with a steady stream of leaks all pointing to the same design, there's likely to be at least a few embers' worth of truth to it.



    With just the photos it was sort of convincing, but now it seems a bit fake.

    doesn't look like a half indifference between the two when he compares them.. In any case, looking forward to the new phone and seeing how it stacks up to my SGSIII

    im not sold on the matte black around the edges. the metal on the i4 looks much better in my opinion

    @elliot, but which one is cheaper to buy materials for and produce?

    Just wish they had taken the iphone in the direction of the ipod touch. I love that design. Love the darker brushed metal though.

    The riots at Foxconn and then parts leak out of the factory. Hmmm.

    If that new dock isn't micro USB it better do something goddamn incredible that micro USB can't, because while I can accept dock connectors. They are a hold over from like 2001. Not going with perfectly adequate technology now seems inane.

    Why all of a sudden is Apple following its usual release patterns . Everything up to the 4S has been released in late June or July. Iphone - June 29 '07, 3G - July 11 '08 3GS - June 19 '09, 4 - June 24 '10. If anything the 4S is out of order

    It may be real guys, this guy absolutely from China

      air phone get move to the bottom

    that two tone look is really really gross

    headphone jack on the bottom? isn't that apple copying Samsung? I can feel a lawsuit coming on....

    I hope the headphone jack is at the bottom. It means you can pull the phone out of your pocket the 'right' way up even with the jack plugged in.

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