RIM Cutting 5000 Jobs And Pushing Back BB10 In Disastrous Quarter

The bad news for RIM: it lost nearly $US200 million (adjusted) last quarter. The worse news: it's now letting 5000 employees go on top of the 2000 cuts that had been previously announced. The very worst news: its BlackBerry 10 operating system has been pushed back until next year.

This is an unmitigated disaster.

Look, companies lose money all the time. It's rough economy and a competitive space. It happens. But what's crucial during times like that is to have a clear way out. The only chance RIM had at surviving as a standalone company was for BB10 -- which remains promising, if not revolutionary -- to lead a BlackBerry renaissance. Waiting until later in the year, as had been previously indicated, was pushing it. Waiting until 2013 is suicidal.


    That is alot of RIM jobs to get cut. Its pretty much all over for them now

    That is alot of RIM jobs to get cut. Its pretty much all over for them now

    The pushing back of BB10 is the real killer here.

    Apple will have shipped SIX generations of iPhone before RIM has properly responded to the first one. That's absolutely unacceptable.

    It'll be a humongous task for them to regain their lost market share (especially the corporate market share). I've never had a BB device in my life, but I sincerely hope that they come up with something amazing to regain their place.

    How bold...

    I've had a Blackberry, and to be honest, I'm happy to be off it and back to an iPhone now. While I don't doubt that the Blackberry was fantastic while travelling overseas, and having email while not having to worry about wireless hotspots was good, the handset and its functionality when back here was quite disappointing in comparison to the smartphone options out there. I honestly don't see how they can regain their previous status.

    Yes, 5000 Rim jobs gone, the company has taken a licking recently, butt does this mean the end? The cracks have been opening up for some time. Will customers still get behind them, or does the market have a bad taste in it's mouth? Are they just working a niche? Hmmm...

    Looks like less and less people are having RIM jobs

      I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was going there...

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