Reports Of Google Maps' Death On iOS May Have Been Exaggerated

A comment on Google+ by Jeff Huber, senior VP of commerce and local at Google, suggests the company will continue to provide its maps offering in some form in the future on iOS, despite Apple's apparent slaying of the service's native presence in the sixth major iteration of its mobile operating system.

Here's the exact comment, along with the question it was in reply to:

William Dowell: Just REALLY hope all this hard work is sill appreciable from an iOS device. I can assure you that just because some of us have iPhones and iPads doesn't mean we don't prefer Google Maps over the elementary stuff Apple is said to be proposing! We need a great Google Map app. Pleeeease!

Jeff Huber: We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS.

Like a double rainbow: What does it mean? It could just be that Google will continue to support the Maps app on devices running iOS 5 and older. A more optimistic view is that an app is in the works to replace what iOS users have grown used to. Or -- and this is my guess -- Google will just make sure Google Maps looks and runs great in Mobile Safari.

Google's own developer conference, I/O 2012, will start on June 27 in San Francisco, so maybe we'll hear more about its plans then.

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    Please Apple let Google provide the full Google maps experience via an app! Until Apple's sub-standard map replacement includes transit directions and street view AND any sort of detailed info about Hobart (yeah right) and the rest of Australia, then Google Maps will continue to shit on Apple's fancy new vector 3D system as far as I'm concerned.

    Luckily I have the TomTom app already, because according to Apple, my iPhone4 isn't capable of turn-by-turn directions, so it misses out on that upgrade in iOS6 (even though it runs every GPS app I can through at it just fine).

    Seriously inching closer towards that Android or Windows 8 fence at the moment..The next iPhone better be something very special, or I may have to consider jumping ship. And quite frankly with over 1000 apps, that would be an expensive pain in the arse.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Apple will not allow a Google Maps app on IOS6 as it will be contrary to their terms of Service.
    Google Maps can still be accessible in Safari, although the feature may be less than what the apps is capable.

    maybe it's time for iOS users to pay attention. You don't get to decide what's good for you, Apple gets to. It's not really your phone or tablet, you're just leasing it off Apple. They decide what's good for you. Bad luck if you like Google maps, Apple decides what mapping system is good for you.

      Trololol much? You sound like Hafez Aladeen from the Dictator. Theres a thing called Jailbreaking for those who don't want to be tied to Apple's restrictions and users don't have to upgrade to IOS6 if they don't want to. Also if Apple starts taking away what customers want, that will drive them away from Apple make them go buy an Android or Windows Phone/Tablet which is what they did to me.

        "Theres a thing called Jailbreaking"

        You've defeated your own point. The thing is, if you're one of the countless iOS users who don't jailbreak, you're still forced to use whatever defaults Apple gives you, whether you want it or not. You can't completely change your mail client, browser or mapping service because they'll always be hamstrung by Apple's own limitations (no Push for Sparrow, no default open setting for non-Safari etc).

          Um yeah all this stuff can be done via a jailbreak. It's your device, you don't have to update if you don't want and just like many other os'es, you can install software to do other stuff..

          The guy's point was Apple provides a platform, if you no likey, you jailbreakey and it's completely valid.

        Hafez aladeen... You must mean, Employees Muswashhans... Or is thaat Alison Burgers?

        I don't see how he is trolling, read the toc for an iPhone. You do essentially lease the use of the hardware and software. And the thing called jailbreaking, technically breaches the toc, so do something possibly illegal to get google maps back to iPhone. Sure your not the one trying to troll?

          Yikes I really need to pay more attention, I missed the lease agreement in the TOC... wait oh no I haven't been making lease payments. Better call the bank!

          Oh wait, you're being dramatic.

      Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the i in iPhone supposed to stand for individual? Why is Apple trying to make every one the same? Could it be because sheep are easier to sell to?

      Ask Google why they left so many features out of its iOS app over the android one. They gimped the iOS maps app and Apple had no choice but to NOT rely on google for the second rate maps app. Don't blame Apple, google forced this showdown.

    As good as Google Maps is on iOS, it is a cobbled down version when compares to the android version. That is google's work as it wants it's own products to be more enticing. Isn't apple doing their customers a favor by providing a free map app with turn by turn navigation and what not?

    I don't see why they wouldn't just make a Google Maps App that anyone can download on iOS6. Sure, it wouldn't have the same integration as we've seen in previous builds but I'm sure people would rather have a standalone app with less integration than only having the Apple Maps available to them.

      Yes that would be good but in Apple's Terms of service an application is not aloud to replace a core application

        But doesn't Skype replace FaceTime, and Atomic replace Safari? I don't seem to have any problem using these on my iPad.

        What does 'core' and 'replace' mean?

    I've got all apple at home. If they fail to release a google maps and update iMacs I will swap back to android and windows 8 for pc

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    The current google map app for the iphone is crap anyway, much better to just to go via safari via a bookmark

    I reckon they'll provide a highly featured HTML5 web app, like what Nokia has done with (which has voice guidance even!)

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